What Vms Has The Best Control Of Substream?

"what vms has the best control of substream. I have 44 cams total. (37) 3MP, (4) 5MP and (1) 2MP.

I am using the Nuuo Titan

On the main stream all cams set at high quality, 3672 constant bit rate, recording at 3MP, or 6000 bit rate at 5MP for the 4 cams. Can't seem to tone the substeam down enough to satisfy the IT guy at the project as he wants to let others see the 44 cams live view remotely via a virtual machine for security purposes.

Any thoughts?

Whose cameras?

Hikvision DS2CD2732F. Also, set substream to 352x240 all cameras. Frame rate is at 20. Maybe lower the frame rate on the substream? Does the main stream settings have any effect on the live view?

Gerald, this report is somewhat dated but does explain / show how various VMSes control substreaming: VMS Multistreaming Comparison