What Is The Max Pixel For Surveillance Camera In The Market?

what's the max pixel for surveillance camera in the market this days and which brand

Single senser is Avigilon's 7K 30MP camera

What's the list price on one of those suckers?

Please contact your local Avigilon dealer ;)

I have. I talked to one one the phone, it was short:

Me: How much do one of then 7k units go for, ballpark?
Dealer: I would be glad to prepare a quote for you.
Me: Just tell me, is it more than a Rolex?
Dealer: Which Rolex?

I would say check the IPVM camera tool but it still isn't updated with correct Avigilon parts or pricing.

MSRP for the 7K is $10,000

Dallmeier has super high res mulitimager cameras

Multi-focal, multi-imager, multi-bucks. Now we're firmly in Patek Phillippe territory. :)

Though for only a couple more MP total than the Avigilon 7K, I don't think it's worth it...

EarthCam - They make a gigapixel camera. More of a live view jobsite construction camera than a true surveillance camera.