What Is The Difference Between AHD VS HVR VS SDVR?

What's the difference between AHD , HVR AND SDVR PLEASE

AHD is a type of HD analog transmission. See: The Company Behind AHD - Nextchip. All HD analog is new within the last three years. AHD's main competitors are TVI and CVI.

HVR probably refers to a hybrid DVR, sometimes called HDVR. The implication is that it can support / record analog and IP cameras.

SDVR is not a term I have ever heard before but found an eBay marketer promoting here. Just seems to be a fancy / company specific term for HVR / HDVR.

Two things to keep in mind for hybrid recorders:

  • Just because a recorder supports IP cameras and NTSC / PAL cameras does not mean it can record any HD analog ones.
  • Even if a hybrid recorder supports one variant of HD analog (e.g., AHD) does not mean that it supports any others (like TVI and CVI).

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