Looking For Information On Umojo Cameras

Looking for basic specs on Umojo I/P cameras. Nothing on their website or google searches. Thanks!

Might be tough. The closest thing I can find to a spec, and its not close, is this:

Thanks, I found that too. Looking for more specific specs to determine if I can take over cameras with different software. Thank you for checking.

Should be compatible with any Jimmy Johns compliant equipment. ;)

Andy, tough one!

It seems pretty obvious that they are relabeling someone as they appear to be a local Chicago IT integrator. The tougher question is who they are relabeling. Do the cameras have a MAC address printed on them? That might be one way to find it by an OUI lookup.

I could not find any significant details on the cameras.

Btw, this kind of move angers me, as the seller pretends to be more than they are and the buyer is now stuck with trying to figure out what they can do with those relabeled products.

Thanks, John. I was onsite but didn't want to pull down an installed camera. The end user is having a problem with customer service, he can't get a live person on the phone, get a call back, or a return email. I am working with the end user to find the most cost effective way to get a product that works for them.

Andy, if you are on site again, you could scan the network to check for the mac addresses of the cameras. Then enter the mac address in an OUI lookup.

Also, if you are on site, can they show you the software / interface? Often, just getting a snapshot of the interface can quickly uncover who is the real manufacturer.

Thank you for the tips.