Looking For Information On Tico Compression

I had a customer who was at NAB and ISC last week. I asked him what he saw that was impressive. He mentioned TICO compression. I looked up their website but couldn't tell much. I was just wondering if you looked into it. My customer does mainly audio, digital signage, etc. Thanks

Lightweight, hardware based, visually lossless compression from intoPix.

Sounds impressive, for broadcast anyway. Also, they seem interested in increasing the number of streams on a display link connection, useful for your friend's digital signage perhaps...

Though for mainstream security it's hard to see where it would be useful, since they are claiming a max of 4:1 compression (though visually lossless), on uncompressed video. Which would still be 350 Mbps for 1080p/30. H.264/5 is at least an order of magnitude more compressive, at the expense of quality of course.

A has already answered it.

To add, there are quite a number of proprietary codecs in the broadcast world.

Here's another recent one, called Perseus.

Even if they claim to reduce bandwidth consumption vs H.264 or H.265, etc., the general problems include:

  • Too much processing load to run on a camera / recorder.
  • For movies, even if it takes 10 minutes to encode a single minute of video, this is no big deal but for video surveillance, it is a deal breaker.
  • Requires a proprietary decoder on the client side, which would be very hard to get third party VMS software systems to adapt.