Looking For Information On Pix Contollers

I am researching company called PIX Controllers and want to know the good, bad, and ugly about their outdoor cameras, networking capabilities, maintenance requirements, and analytics.

Robert, I have never heard of them nor can I find any records in IPVM or our emails.

What are you looking for from them? Construction cameras?

Their website looks like it is 15 years old and they only list 3 employees on LinkedIn so I am not sure what to think.

Robert's response via email:

I also found their information to be dated but interesting. I was hoping to obtain some camera comparisons against best of breed, as well as comparative information about their gas sensor capability. My interest is for both construction and oil & gas, both outside and rugged environments. Analytics are important for real time alerts and forensic evidence.

Neat company, very expensive. They are known for their outdoor, cellular field surveillance Raptor equipment. I worked with them several years ago, not sure of their current status