Looking For Information On LPR Simulator

I wonder, is there any way to simulate the speeding vehicle's License Plate Detection..of course I am going to use high shutter speed cameras..but i don't how to check the performance of the camera under different speeding condition. Any suggestions?

Sundar, if I understand you correctly, you have a camera that you want to use but want to test that camera's performance under different speeding conditions, yes? And, evidently, you do not want to do a test with that camera and actual cars?

Which camera do you want to use?

John, yes. your understanding is correct. Below is the camera model i am planning to use

Infinova DV6202-T00

Since that is a regular, non-LPC camera, without integrated IR, I really think you need to test it.

There are quite a number of purpose built LPC cameras that work well. We've tested some (e.g., Messoa 3MP LPC Camera Tested, Geovision MP License Plate Camera Test, etc.).

Is there a reason why you want to use that model specifically? Have you selected what IR that you would use with that?

When we needed to test cameras for an LPR application project, we set up a pole with the camera in an empty parking lot and drove past it multiple times at varying speeds until we had the settings dialed in.

John is correct. You will need some light to reflect off of the plates, back to the camera at night. But, it doesn't need to be integrated. You can also use external IR, or there may be enough existing lighting in the area to suffice.

However, if you are just trying to get daytime images of license plates, lighting shouldn't be much of a concern in outdoor areas. But, if your shot is in a parking garage or shaded area, you will still need to evaluate that on site.

But, it doesn't need to be integrated. You can also use external IR, or there may be enough existing lighting in the area to suffice.

There's less risk and trial and error when the IR is integrated into a purpose built LPC camera. There's a reason that essentially all dedicated LPC cameras have integrated IR.

I agree. If you don't test enough and dial in your settings well, you won't match the performance of a purpose built setup.

I've seen demos of LPR/LPC cameras where there was a set of license plates mounted on a wheel that could be rotated at different speeds. This lets you test shutter speeds/motion blur and different lighting setups. It's not a perfect test, but it might be good for initial settings, and then you can do a more real-world test once you have basic settings figured out.

Thank you guys! The camera make is not a problem..As it is required only during day time i have opted this. I can go for a camera with IR which is similar to HIKVISION DS-2CD4A25FWD-IZ(H)(S. However, i was bit worrying about LPR detection while speed..how to ensure the same without going for practical testing

What kind of speeding are we talking here? > 60 mph > 80 mph > 100 mph??