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Chinese Manufacturer Kedacom Information?

Do you have any information on the performance and track record of Kedacom products? - IP video solutions

#1, we have seen few references to Kedacom over the years and none that I can recall about their products. I am told they sell mostly in China and otherwise through OEMs outside of China. However, maybe that is changing. I just don't know enough

They did IPO on the Shanghai stock exchange a few months ago and their stock price has quadrupled to $1+ billion USD.

That is amazing, though not clear how sustainable such bursts are.

Note: We will reach out to them and do a post.

Where did you hear about them? What do you know of them?


Below is KEDACOM booth at latest MIPS exhibition last week.


Kedacom seems to be strong in security/police officer carried camera (gopro like below). They might be the global leader in that segment (in number of unit sold).

Now they have a full line of CCTV/NVR and good analytics too as I could see (above).

Contact is Alec Liu (Sales Dir) =>



Looks very similar to the low cost equipment you can get out of shenzhen. Especially this one which looks plasticy and cheap.