Looking For Information On Ironyun

Hi all,

I am looking some video analytic systems and found this website - iRonyun

have anybody ever been using this solution? please share me your experience.

thank you very much

Quang, I have not heard of anyone using iRonyn. The company appears relatively new and relatively small so that is probably part of the reason (though it is evidently a spin out of Taiwan's ITRI).

Here is their video overview, featuring LPR tracking:

If they can do what they are claiming in the video, that would be quite uncommon.

Quang, what type of analytics are you looking at doing?

Dear John

Thank you very much for you quick reply. I am looking for some Video Analytics base on Cloud and this website information is quite impressive but i can not find any information about it on IPVM. So can you suggest me some company provide this kind of service like IronYun

Thank you very much.

So you want to store the video in the cloud and have video analytics performed on it? Also, what type of video analytics?

LPR, ANPR, People counting, Vehicle tracking, Face detection...

Cloud video surveillance systems are typically not built / designed to do lots of video analytics. Most are focused on doing basic recording / retrieval on web clients or mobile apps, not enterprise analytic management.

For cloud LPR, take a look at Genetec, e.g., Genetec Cloud Tested

Thanks very much for your helful information.