Looking For Information On Inspur Group Ltd.

Hi All,

I am looking for information on Inspur Group Ltd. out of China. Hopefully some of our APAC members can shed some light or share real world experiences with this group. Online information suggests that they are a very large manufacturer focusing on building high end servers, computer hardware, software engineering and outsourcing (from Wikipedia). However they have recently secured a large Video Surveillance contract for developing what is being marketed as a "Safe City". Large scale camera deployments and extensive analytics to provide extensive information and user (subject) data (facial recognition, ALPR, person/vehicle tracking, object left behind, etc.). It all sounds great, but I've never heard of them before. See this article as a reference. It would be for something similar.

I'm curious to know who they partner with (if they partner with anyone) on the Camera and VMS/Analytics side if they are mostly a server manufacturer (they are responsible for eveything expect IT infrastructure on this project, so cameras, VMS, Servers, Storage and Central Command/Control Room, ect.). This might be a new area of focus that has not had much publicity since Google has not produced much on the company being linked to Video Surveillance projects. Curious if anyone can share some more info. Thanks!

Looking at their website and Wikipedia, it appears they are mostly an IT integrator, not a manufacturer (perhaps they assemble servers, etc.). They partnered with Vimicro last year, the Chinese company touting the SVAC 'standard'.

They are a publicly traded company (in Hong Kong), but they have weak profits and (for China standards) moderate revenue (~$220 million USD in 2014) - see Google Finance profile on Inspur.

I have asked some Chinese contacts for any local feedback on them.