Looking For Information On Fiber To Bnc Converter Multiplexers

I wanted to link to buildings via fiber for cctv ,i want to use a fiber to bnc (coax) transmitter /receiver it transmit the video to the main building which is 500' to 800' in some instances . What are the option with transceivers i have to transmit 16 channels video to my main building . ps i am using analogue cameras (preferably 1080p on a Hik EP- DS-7332HI-HS DVR.

Is there a reason you can't use RG6 or RG11 coax for these runs? These lengths aren't too long for those grades of cable, but I may be missing a detail in your application.

The real issue is "Who makes fiber to TVI media adapters"

In the short future that same distant would be equip with an internal network also linked to the main building so the fiber is really to cater for traffic for cctv pc network and a telephone network all returning to the main building. Besides my cameras would all be in close proximity to the fiber converter instead of cabling 16 cameras 500' in some cases 6,7 and 800" away from the dvr. hence the reason for not using the coax

Why aren't you placing the NVR in the building near where the cameras will be installed? Then you can simply use regular fiber media convertors. see here

try this

Versitron FVTM800xA/FVRM800xA


I am sure that there are other products, I have used others in the past,

but the Versitron Fiber Products are quite solid

For HD-TVI a quick Google turned up this product, I have never used it , but it seems to fit the bill