School Looking For Information On Exacq

I would like to discuss the exacq branded nvrs I work at a school and for our servers they are looking to completely start from scratch and redo our campus with new cameras and equipment.

Bill, we have lots of coverage on Exacq, including our most recent Exacq test and Exacq's place in the Favorite VMS Manufacturers 2016.

Overall, Exacq is a strong contender for schools but how good of a fit it is for you is hard to say without more information.

What are your key needs or interests in an NVR / system?

John we want run approximately 100 cameras and get at least 3to 4 weeks storage

We are looking to install 2 exacq IP04-12T-R2A

NVR's with American dynamic cameras

AdC1610-M111 cameras

IPL02B1BNWIY bullit cameras

Has anybody had experience with this combination

1 building 117000 square ft

1 building 50000 square ft

1 parking garage 200000 square ft

What is the best way to put together camera coverages so that we can get to the point we can follow a person throughout our campus. I have all the building measurements for each hallway room assembly areas parking and so on.

Bill, what reasons did you choose the AD cameras? Are they giving you a special deal?

I ask because AD cameras are fairly mediocre performers at typically above average pricing.

With Exacq, quite a lot of people use Hikvision, Hanwha / Samsung, etc. as lower cost, better-performing alternatives.

As for camera coverage, do you have a floorplan? If so you can upload to our calculator and put the cameras on the floorplan to see it for yourself.

Exacq in a school environment is a good mix, I have done a lot of schools with exacq and they have each loved them but I wouldn't do AD cameras, I would take Johns suggestion and do a Hikvision mix or Samsung or if you want to really spend some dough, go Axis :) but don't do AD.

Also I suggest for a school district to use a COTS server, since you can virtualize exacq vision very easily, I recommend utilizing your existing infrastructure, spend the dollars you had set aside for an a series buy some storage for a SAN or NAS and store there, I wouldn't do the A series as at that price they are almost the cost of a Dell server, especially when you start getting the 4U models they are just priced very high when you can get a COTS server with 5X the horse power for the same price, plus you get a lot more future upgradeability compared to an exacq box.

I'll chime in as a competitive manufacturer. Spend a lot of time choosing the right integrator. I often tell prospects over 90% of the project success or failure will be the integrator and how much they were a partner in the design and installation.

I have seen a lot of school projects and just as Undisclosed 1 has said, the #1 difference far above all others--between success and failure of the project--was the caliber of the integrator. In over two dozen completely failed school projects that I saw in recent years, here are the key factors: (a) undersized servers from Best Buy or other local computer store (CPU running at 80%); (b) using server as both server and workstation (a bad move since viewing multiple cameras is a CPU-intensive activity; (c) bad network cabling installation, so that CAT6 cable was only capable of carrying 100Mbps and would only negotiate 100 or 10 Mbps; (d) unmanaged switches or mis-configured managed switches and routers connected to school network - sending video traffic all over the place (d) undersized video data storage, resulting in days instead of weeks of video retention; (e) trying to solve video retention problems by cutting back on camera resolution and frame rates.

I did technology assessments for a number of small school districts with failed video projects, and these factors were commonly found--all of which were the direct result of using completely unqualified installers who pretended familiarity with video systems that they did not have.

We have installed over 100 medium (75-300) IP video systems. We have NEVER built one system with any cameras on the customers network. We have NEVER installed switches without the proper management. We have NEVER skated and used a server as a workstation combination.

Additionally, we are not the cheapest Integrator in town BUT our systems do not fail and we will be in business to support those systems for many years to come.

Doing second class work, using 'technicians' that have no formal knowledge of networking, and being the 'low price leader' will get you nowhere in the long run.