Comparing NVR And NAS

we want to know why required NAS for recording IP Camera and limit of NVR

Can you clarify?

You want to use a NAS instead of an NVR for recording?

Or do you want to use a NAS with an NVR to record?

Finally, is there a specific NAS or NVR brand you prefer?

We want comparison between NAS and NVR, both are IP Camera recorder, technically which features Extra in NAS against NVR Not have ,when recommended NAS for recording purpose.

There are 4 broad options:

  • Record directly to a NAS without any video management software. This is not very practical since it requires manual accessing of video but possible.
  • Record on the NAS but have the video management software on the camera (e.g., Mobotix, Axis Camera Companion). You are then limited to the software that the camera system offers.
  • Record on the NAS and have video management software inside the NAS (e.g., Synology, QNAP).
  • Stream from IP camera to the NVR and connect a NAS to that NVR for recording / additional recording. This is the most common approach letting one select from various VMS software providers.

To your specific question, there are generally not 'features extra in NAS' that an NVR would not have. NASes typically provide storage redundancy but picking the correct NVR model can give that to you as well.

Are there specific NAS or NVR models or brands you are looking at? This would help make the recommendations much more complete.