Looking For Information On Coherent Synchro

I've been made aware of a company called «Coherent Synchro». One of their product (LensFrame) seems interesting. They say: «Multiple HD cameras are stitched seamlessly into a single wide-angle video...».

Has anyone looked into this?

Jacques, here is an example of it in action:

Stitching is not new but it is definitely rare. The only 2 VMSes we are aware that offer this built-in are DVTel and NUUO Titan.

I am sure it works. The big questions are (1) how much does it cost and (2) how does it integrate it the user's existing workflow as it is another / different client.

This would be really cool with multible Avigilon PRO cameras stiched.

On their site, they say you can use almost any brand HD cam. I'm not certain how...

The IndigoVision representative told us that this "LensFrame" is 100% compatible with our VMS (IndigoVision).

Apparently, you could select each camera, independently for viewing, or the resulted panoramic view and virtually PTZ into it.

I've tried to contact them to find out more... Prices? Black box or software on a server? etc.

Still waiting...

Ask IndigoVision what they mean by 'compatible'. Most specifically, does 'LensFrame' run inside ControlCenter or do you have to run LensFrame on a separate machine / user interface?

I do believe you can run any camera with this. That's how I believe it works with DVTel and NUUO. It's more of a client side video manipulation than server side (I believe0.