Looking For Information On Cellular Gate Opener

any information helpful

It just so happens I was studying these this morning!

So many of these units (often called GSM Openers) are low-cost Asian rebrands with no direct regard for resell region. Network compatibility is a big factor - so which type of cell network does your selection need to work with?

That aside, many gate operator manufacturers DO NOT recommend GSM units, due mainly to security concerns with random spam dialers inadvertently opening gates. Instead, many offer a BLE or WiFi solution that only works if the user is actually close to the gate, ie 300' or so.

So with that in mind, do you need true 'remote' control through GSM, or do you need so kind of wireless (but local) button to open/close the gate?

Also, most GSM units do not include the SIM card and that is an extra fee/service cost. This is not the case with WiFi/BLE units.

Clients wants to eliminate wiring I just found out by email and he claims he researching it. IMO he doesn't have a clue nor do I at this point so I'll send on information from your post. Unfortunately I visited project yesterday, wiring is atrocious and 400" from house to current gate control there is no power. Some underground, some above ground, standard Cat5e and it's not direct burial wire, system control is made by Doorbell Fon.

Brian thanks for info...could you give me some links so I can understand what you researched? He has a phone intercom he wants to eliminate the wiring, is it even possible to transmit voice on a WI-FI and notify your phone system and then open the gate?

This is a pretty specialized application.

He has a phone intercom he wants to eliminate the wiring

So just to restate, he wants a wireless intercom station at the gate that communicates to his cell phone? Intercom needs to include ability to open gate remotely.

is it even possible to transmit voice on a WI-FI and notify your phone system and then open the gate?

Possible? Yes. But there isn't a cheap 'magic box' solution, it would likely require reworking the current solution.

What's the make of the gate operator?

He is looking at is the BFT cellular call box with keypad...however as you stated he would have to activate sim card for it to comunicate correct?

Yes, the SIM card needs to be active and have ongoing service for use. From pg 3 of the BFT manual:

You will still need some way to power the system... nothing works long term without a dedicated power source.


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Just got off the phone with BFT they said the network unit has better security with a router than cellular? Comes with camera which in my case is a full solution. However real world coverage says 200yards manual says power up and test on phone app "Preditor WiFi" for operation before installation.

https://bftgateopeners.com/store/accessories/keypads/bft-wifi-video-callbox-with-keypad-wifi-bft-kpad.html street price about $1200

I appreciate your help from your last post...this open my eyes, forced my me to look through 28 page manual, enviably I would have screw myself on labor bid.

Dedicated power 20amp is out at gate on GFI... however he says system has backup battery to open gate with remote...funny you mention this... 5000 sq ft house, with no emergency generator, sitting on 30 acres I don't get it?

You don't say where this is Mr. Ray. No EG is not that uncommon at all, but it would depend to a degree on where it is. I would also ask, what is this system's intended function? To open the gate when someone is home? If that is the case, there are plenty of transmitters that can send a contact closure on the AC line. They work pretty well and you do say it has a dedicated circuit. Sort of a big brother version of X-10.

There are also some units that can send an intercom signal on the AC line as well. I believe you mentioned 400' of distance. If it is dedicated, that is not a long way at all, and you should not have to cross phases so it should perform pretty well. Likely with a bit of research you can find a singal unit to send intercom and gate signal in one box.

Why bother with Cellular? Why not just put a small Point to Point (Ubiquity) and call it a day?

Undisclosed 1,

I am with you 100%. Simply put a Nanostation on the house wired to the home network and then a IP/WiFi based contact closure on the other end (Global Cache iTach Contact Closure). Control it with iRule/OnControls and you're done.

The owner wants it connected to his house phones. So the wireless radios in this case are likely not going to work.

He said intercom, so I was thinking two way audio on an IP camera at the gate. You could view it via the iRule/OnControls app and place a button on that page to open the gate. If you open the ports needed on the firewall or set up a VPN, this could be done from anywhere, not just at home.

A few thoughts:

1. Doorking unit with their new cellular dialer.

2. Doorking to nanostations, then use Doorking's VOIP adapter (1830-185) for phone service. Signal from nanostations would have to be good so the voip works well. I have not tried their adapters yet, but it may be a solution.

3. Doorking with their VOIP wireless bridge. Again have not used this so keep it in mind, but they claim 1,000 feet. Here is an example.

Obviously partial to the manufacturer, but I've had pretty good luck. You do have to understand some of their quarks (heater kits specifically).

Is there line of sight or is it wooded?


Please explain exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Do you need a new intercom? Do you just need contact closure for release? How do you need to control it? Please answer these questions so that we have a better understanding so that we can help you.


See attach pictures no trees on property excellent line on site...clients want to replace intercom go wireless he wanted cellular and liked the idea of a phone app but gatenot Sim card activation. Currently he has cabling issue between house and gate primarily from improper wire (not direct burial). Also poor conduit installation and I'll bet after looking in structured wiring cabinet wires are spliced in J-boxes .

In place now in a Doorbell Fon Main Controller and Door Strike board to open gate. My research and a phone call I will quote this solution "Predator WIFI Video Intercom" they have their own app. It's most notably suggest you power system up and test Wi-Fi first for signal strength prior to installation. Plus it has a camera built in. This unit is similar to Doorking which Robb has mentioned no experience with either.

I don't either have experience with this unit but I can tell you before you try it that this unit won't connect via wifi over 400'+

I found the manual: http://www.aesglobalonline.com/WiFi%20Predator%20A5%20install%20manual.pdf

If you do choose to use this system, I still would suggest that you use the Ubiquity PTP and a wireless AP to bring the Wifi signal from the house to the gate vicinity. (unless the door unit has a RJ-45 port, couldn't tell from the manual)

Good luck! and please let us know how it goes :)

If you have the opportunity to use doorking, I would give it a shot. Its a great product, I just can't comment on the wireless application. In our area at least, they are #1 for door and gate entry. Just my opinion. If you do go that route, just make sure you wire as instructed. They work great when you do so, but can be finnicky when you don't.

The 1812 does allow functionality without the use of a separate telephone line if that is desired, but then it will only work with the home phones, not to their cells.

There are gate systems that use cellular that are good. I have used this one and it is bullet proof. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpNPCyBOJzw Google is full of them. The video integration is spotty, depending on the vendor.

Here is one that controls the gate with video, no intercom. http://cell-gate.com/

I would also bet that using some configuration of Alarm.com (or like service) would get you where you want to be. This is really a home automation project. They can provide audio, video and remote control over an app, through cellular.