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Which Cameras Support H.265?

Looking to see if anyone knows which manufacturers currently support H.265?

What does 'and below' mean?

The only Western manufacturer claiming H.265 support is Aventura.

I know a number of Asian manufacturers have been demoing H.265 but I am not sure who is actually shipping it. None of the big brands are claiming production H.265.

Is this a bid requirement? If not, I'd recommend you stay away for H.265 right now, it's just not mature enough for widespread use.

This is a strange one for sure. Just on the look of it alone, I assumed it was a typo or a scam.

But if it is a scam they are really going for it. Showing that they did not expect to be believed, they add the UI pic showing the h.265 choice being made:

(This interface looks a tad Dahuan, perhaps J.D. can confirm?)

Then as if it hasn't been a rough enough week for HIK already, they puportedly and totally destroy them in dynamic range and bandwidth using h.265:

Note: I am not recommending this camera for purchase, just showing because it maybe the only other one besides Aventura, right now.


Appreciate the thoughts and information. This is the customers requirements trying to drive the technology along. However they are small (not really, Big G) in the bottomline of the big boys to step up to make it happen. They will go with who ever is leading the technology and showing the proven capability first. Thanks again.

Ok, well I wouldn't be surprised if some manufacturers made announcements at ISC West next month. Obviously we will be reporting on that.

I'd advise you to advise them to be very careful. There are so many variances in bit rates (between camera settings, compression, profiles, etc. - reference Advanced Camera Bandwidth Test Results) that they may actually achieve lower bit rates / storage rates with a current gen H.264 than with a just released H.265 one.