Looking For Information On Avigilion H4 Edge Solution

Hi John

Has there been any test on Avigilion H4 Edge solution camera line. Im searching for the most stable edge solution cameras

From what I have heard the cameras shall be released in mid may.

I only have what everybody else have and these are catalogs of the cameras and the press release.

I have raised questions to Avigilon and did not get any answers yet in regard to how much will these cameras shall be truly independent.

From what I do know is that these cameras shall have a built in HDD and will come in 1-3MP. They have a built in license meaning that you can connect to them directly from the Avigilon client and you can group some of them into a site.

The configuration (not sure about this one) shall be done from the client with some more option on the web browser.

The most burning questions I have (and I have no answer about) is if these cameras can be used really as independent cameras with 3rd party VMS's.

If someone has some more info I'll be glad to hear too.

Itamar, it is SSDs not HDD. We have a post based on our discussion with Avigilon here: Avigilon's H4ES Announcement

I do not see how it could be used with 3rd party VMSes. The Avigilon VMS server runs on the camera so basically you are asking if Avigilon's VMS can be used with 3rd party VMSes, which is generally not supported.

Yes SSD - sorry I mis typed.

Regarding the integration. I was hoping (and still ma) that the configuration can be made from the web or from the client and for 2 other things:

  1. To have an option to "burn" the analytics on the streamed video.
  2. To have an option to trigger an alarm via digital output and via some king of HTTP notification, preferably one that can customized.

When they say that the VMS is internal this only means that the camera can be left alone without being connect to anything else to preform its work (Alarms, outputs ect'). The camera will still stream ONVIF and work with other VMS's, I;m just not sure how open will it be.

The H4 Edge Solution Camera line provides unique flexibility and versatility, with deployment options ranging from standalone installation, multi-camera solutions, to seamless integration into a conventional network video surveillance system.


Edge cameras have two options from that I have been told.

A) you can connect them to a windows ACC server just like the non Edge H4 cameras. This requires a license and does not use the edge storage.

B)you can use them as a standalone system (up to 16 on the same LAN grouped as one site) which you do not need a ACC license to connect the ACC client to the Edge cameras.

C) you can do both A & B at the same time for redundant recording.

Can you connect to them via ONVIF like non-edge H4 cameras?

I don't see why not but the edge storage will not work via ONVIF.

I didn't see any official datasheet up until now, but I agree with the above, and would guess the cameras shall support ONVIF.