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Average Camera Cable Run Length?

I am a very small dealer/installer. On average, be it either IP or analog, I would guess my average distance would be about 300'. I have done some warehouses, supermarkets and storage facilities, I'm normally doing small shops (clothing, restruant and machine shops). I'm wondering what the average distance on an installation because we seem to have some consern in the industry?


In my experience, very few stretched beyond 250'.

Now, I can think of specific areas like parking lots where the average run length was higher, but for typical commercial surveillance in or on a building, the average run was probably 150' - 175'.

For IP work, we would add IDFs (switches, power sources) and expand the backbone if we planned for more than two or three 'long run' cameras. Analog lengths might run a little higher than ethernet/IP work, but it was well under 300'.

I look forward to seeing other responses too!

Btw, 18 votes so far - 17 for ~150' and 1 for ~50', shows ~150' is a pretty good rule of thumb.