12MP Fisheye Camera At 130 Feet - What View / Details Will I Get?

Does a 12 megapixel fisheye camera have the same PPF of view as the calculator reports for a 12 megapixel resolution.

You won't get a value that's even close to actual unless you put the calculator into fisheye mode by typing 360 in the AOV field.

Even then the PPF shown will just be an average for the region at the distance to subject. Unlike a normal lens, two objects at the same distance wil not have the same PPF if one is in the center of the frame and one is on the periphery. This is due to the distortion of the lens.

To make things worse, different kinds of fisheye lenses will have different distortions, so if you really need to nail it, you might want to test with the real camera/lens, and/or scrutinize whatever images you can find on the web or from the Manu.

But in general look for PPF fall dramatically for object not in the center of the frame.

Calculating 180 and 360 Camera Coverage

At 130 feet, even a 12MP fisheye is going to produce extremely low details and you will be lucky to even make out a person. Here is a 360 12MP calculation showing ~5ppf at 130' distance.

Of course, it it worse than that as essentially all 12MP fisheye cameras stream at significantly less than 12MP. For example, the Pelco Evolution 12 max is 9.6MP resolution and the Vivotek 12MP fisheye max resolution is 8.6MP and the Bosch 12MP fisheye max resolution is 7MP.

Net/net, if you need to make out details 100'+ away, don't use any fisheye.

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