Looking For Information About Fine IP Cameras Brand

Any one know about VMS called TCP-IP+ used as Main console for Fine IP cameras. I didn't found any information about it on Fine website

Given the name 'Main Console' and the image on their home page:

I am guessing that this is an OEM of NUUO, who's UI looks extremely similar and is called 'Main Console'.

As for Fine, we hear about them fairly infrequently, so it does not appear that they are very large / widely used.

The image in your reply is true, this the same shape Can you tell me information about NUUO software like no. Of cameras that support as free and how much cost of license

Do you already have a Fine DVR? Are you looking to expand it? Are you looking for something new?

I ask because if you already have a recorder from Fine and want to expand you will have to buy it from them.

As for NUUO Main Console, at least in the US, the price per channel is in the $100 or less range.

As for what NUUO supports, you can check their camera support list here. Beware, NUUO is currently at v6.2x but your version shown is only 5.1.8, so there may be cameras your version does not support.

Can you explain more about what you are trying to accomplish? We could give better recommendations that way.

Customer suffer from solution becasue supplier who installed system decrease bitrate for each camera to be 1Mbps although all cameras 3MP or 5MP Let me clarify more customer have 54 IP cameras from brand it is name is Fine with NVR we discussed it now but he suffer that he somtimes found cameras give him black image on screen when he try to ping it is IP it reply when he trying to open it using browser sometimes open sometimes not So he need to know what is issue we test network and it is work good he use cisco switches and connected it using 10G uplinks So you have any ideas or this issue related to poor brand

Can you or have you increased the bitrate to resolve the quality problems? If so, what happened? If not, why not?

We increase some cameras and put them under test and sure quality better now, One quetion related to Main Console bow many Mbps it support and also resolution limitation

What hardware is Main Console running on? That's the big thing. Do you have 54 cameras on one recorder or?

Those are the big factors that are going to impact this. And, yes, it is possible that the hardware will get overloaded running at full 'quality' but it depends on the hardware being used.

I didnt know excatly but it running on server dell include 2 LAN 1Gbps with SAN storage 60TB and yes all cameras running on one hardware but i think it is very good

You should find out the CPU and RAM of the server, also monitor the performance / load of the server. It does not take much time and is far more accurate.

I will test that and return to you by screenshots to know your opinion
Dear, Server processor is intel xeon 2GHZ with 16GB RAM and i will send screenshot for cpu, ram and Ethernet monitor

Which Xeon? Specifically, we need to understand how many cores.

Ok, that should be plenty for 54 MP cameras. The only other concern is if there is any limitation in the software. Have you increased the bitrate for all cameras? If so, how doeq quality and performance look?

kindly find these screenshots and i wait your response

Is this load with the cameras at the low bitrate?

Have you increased the incoming bitrate little by little to see when the systems performance degrades?

no, i still make tracing to see what cause issue . so you assume that issue in bit rate

i need to know limitation on resolution like if i use NVR hardware datasheet tell us resolution limitation and maximum Mbps i can use

Using NUUO's hardware calculator indicates a limitation of < 250 Mbps per single server.

Trying a few values out, without knowing your actual requirements, it was showing 54 1MP/30 FPS cameras with no local display, a total bit rate of ~80 Mbps.

Going up to 3MP pushed it over the limit, but then bringing the frame rate to 15 made it ok.

5 MP was ok at 10 FPS.