Looking For Help With Developing An Employee Handbook

We are an IT company that has slowly gotten more and more into Video Surevaillance/ Low Voltage.

We realized that we have to structure something differenlty (due to workers working on ladders, etc...). So we need to develop a employee handbook with regulations and guides.

Does anyone have one that they can share (or at least the important parts).


Look at your payroll company as someone else stated, they should have resources for you to create a handbook.

I would also like to see some resources for composing a handbook. I need SOP's and especially a privacy policy.

Thank you, I will take a look at OSHA and reach out to my payroll processor.

Who do you use for payroll processing? Back when I had an installation/storefront business my payroll company (Paychex, IIRC) helped write our company handbook. They basically had a template for most common things, and then you could easily customize specific clauses. (for example, I nixed the the "no weapons on premises" clause and ammended that to something along the lines of "valid CCW permit holders may carry on company premises" and added a clause that said "any time temperature reaches 95F will be declared Company Holiday (wasn't that common in MI, but when it was that hot out nobody wanted to work anyway)).

In the US, going right to OSHA is helpful as they publish a full slate of sample workplace policies and programs.

Even if you pay for someone's boilerplate (ie: JJ Keller) they are going to essentially pull info from this same resource.