Recorder For Oooooooold MJPEG Only Cameras?

We have a site with a bunch of old IQEye MJPEG cameras and a few analog cameras. We need to replace the failing DVR and the separate system driving the paypoint and customer awareness monitors, but the site's ownership will be changing hands at some point in the near future, and because the current ownership doesn't want to hand them a nice new expensive system (that they'll probably rip out to replace with their own stuff anyway), we're trying to come up with a lower-cost temporary alternative.

The problem is finding anything in a low-cost NVR that will work with MJPEG cameras. Ideally we'd need something with a multi-screen spot output to drive a paypoint monitor; a separate encoder can still be used for the analog cameras if a hybrid/tribrid isn't available. MJPEG is the stumbling block (and no, they won't be amenable to swapping out all the cameras, either).

Blue Iris on a cheap PC with a capture card?

Is there somewhere you can place an IQEye camera on an accessible address? I have an idea I'd like to try.

I have several at home, I can set one up easily enough... although they're pretty easy to find on the web too... in fact, I stumbled across dozens of them once just searching on the camera model... kinda like this:

That got me this one:

To save me some time, do you have the html request required to stream? will pull a single still. will pull a stream at the max framerate configured. will give you 1fps, spush0.5 is 2fps, spush0.1 for 10fps, etc. (assuming the max framerate setting on the camera allows it).

Default login for an IQ is root/system, but they've changed the password on this one.

Got my test bench camera accessible for you:

You can use the standard root/system login if you want.

I couldn't log into the bench unit, but I did get to the other and my test failed with a Dahua based unit using the GENERAL option. Oh well....back to the drawing board.

Yeah, tried the same thing with a Dahua... looks like they only do H.264. There was no option for different stream types, and nowhere to enter a custom URL.

Dahua "based" allows custom URL and Mjpeg, just not this one ;)

What's the make/capability of the current DVR?

This Foscam NVR claims to support MJPEG cameras, $140 on Amazon.

The only inexpensive NVR I can find with explicit support for IQEye MJPEG cameras is this QNAP. It's about $550 bucks.

Oh yeah, good thinking, my Synology NAS supports it as well.

One main parameter in a NVR is incoming Bandwidth.

Just check out that your NVR CPU will stand these Mjpeg streams. Enrtry level NVRs /NAS Nvr are sized for 50 Mbps max and a single Mjpeg streams can reach 20mbps or more So if you have 4 or 6 cameras like this you could be done. If you have remote monitoring .. Mjpeg is also a pain and could saturate the upload channel.

Yeah, I mentioned that too... MJPEG takes a lot of space. The stuff this is replacing recompresses it for storage, but a different system probably won't.

Aren't they SD and low frame-rate at least?

Mix of 511/541, so 1.3MP. Normally running 1fps though, so it's not TOO terrible.

How many cameras are there?

Seven IQs and four analog, if memory serves.

Is there anything special about the seven cameras? WDR, long lens, etc?

The reason I ask is because you could easily replace those seven cameras with inexpensive Dahua/Hik cams and use a Tribrid DVR. It would be well under $1000 USD for all of the hardware. The only issue may be the second spot output, but I could get creative there, depending on which camera's view is needed.

Nothing really special. They're all box cams inside Pelco DF5 in-ceiling dome housings. I've actually put Dahua mini domes inside of these before... cheesy, but it does work.

I'm in Canada though, so prices are.... somewhat higher with the current dollar. Probably looking at $200 each for the cheapest Hik domes, so there's $1400 without even any markup. (I'm guessing at the prices, I'm not in purchasing...)

I can suggest that again, though... would still be cheaper than the $5k for a new system.

You can easily find Dahua HD-CVI cameras for well under $100 for 720p. You would need a cheap pair of baluns to convert the CAT cable to Coax, but those will for sure be under $10 a pair. You could budget $75 per camera and $400 for the DVR with a hard drive. That's $925 USD. If you had a few cams that can't be converted to HDCVI (not home runned cable or other reason) you can also use up to two IP cams with the DVR.

Try milestone essential with universal driver. The analogs will add in as a single license :)