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Looking For Good Compact, Rugged, Outdoor, HD MP Varifocal

Hello, first time poster, very cool site.

I am looking for compact HD MP cameras that can be integrated discreetly but not completely concealed on vehicles. Imagine an F series/P series Axis camera but looking for a bit more range. Needs to be able to endure heat of Middle East summers, car washes. Looking at shooting through vehicle grills and other orifices in the front and rear of vehicles. Must be onvif. Considering the Avigilon HD bullets w/IR but they are still a bit too large.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

Allen, check this related discussion for recommendations: What IP Camera Should I Use On A Truck Trailer?

Those (Axis M3114, Samsung SNV-5010, HikvisionDS-2CD2512-I(S), etc.) should meet your requirements except for the varifocal aspect.

The big challenge is that ruggedized / compact typically does not go well with varifocal, which requires more space and is more difficult to protect / make ruggedized.

John, good points on varifocal issue. The Hik 2512 or 2532 are offered with 2.8mm, 4mm, and 6mm options to provide a range of options. they can be provided with M12 connectors as special order. I will verify if 12mm is available also.

Disclosure: Hik employee

Hi, Saw a note that my info did not show, just getting used to the site.

Allen Johnston

General Manager Wamar Technologies

C4ISR vehicles and tactical systems

Hi guys/girls?

Thanks for the replies. To add some info, ideally we are looking for something similar tot he new Axis F series F1015 but with a bit more punch for distance and HD. Think a camera discreetly mounted in the grill of a vehicle capturing the license plate of a vehicle 75-100 yards away. This may require digital zoom post recording to extract but that is the general mission.

It seems there is a glaring hole in the small IP HD camera segment, compact rugged, waterproof, with and w/o IR, both fixed and PTZ. The capabilities of LTE systems and other wireless technologies is making IP in teh mobile and tactical environment more logical and yet so far there are only a few that are doing this with any quality. Axis being one with the new F series, not on shelves yet....(PS if anyone has a few of the new F1-15 and F41 combos that can ship pronto please let me know. I know Axis is just shipping them and seems to be back ordered.)

Avigilon with their outdoor Adaptive IR MP bullet cams gets very close but just with they came in black and were a bit smaller.

I know the tactical and mobile surveillance market is small compared to banks and schools and shopping malls etc. but would sure make my life easier.

Another camera that in concept would be a home run for our market, the Ganz PixelPro 5X zoom, mini HD unit, if it were higher temp and IP66/67.

I am open to HDD SDI and encoder options if the form factor and performance is right.

Heat, headlights, variable lighting, vibration, size/concealability, resolution and general video performance are all much more critical than cheapest cost on the projects we get pulled into.

While I have your attention, also looking for any feedback on long range laser/IR LED PTZ units similar to those that Ascendent markets for reach out to 1km.

Any feedback appreciated....thanks

Take care, Allen

GM Wamar Technologies

C4ISR mobile and tactical systems

I'd be careful about Ascendent. They are pretty clearly an OEM. See: Ascendent Group - For Real?

Contrast to Any Experience With Vumii Cameras? which is certainly a true manufacturer of long range night vision systems.

Hi John, Yes I read that but having had considerable dialogue with them in recent months they seem sharp and have packaged up the offshore stuff which takes away some of the risk of buying off Alibaba. I will check out Vumii, heard of them but never used them. Thanks

Hello Allen: I checked on my side, the only distributors even listing Axis F1015s are taking pre-orders. So it appears it is not they are 'back ordered', just 'not yet available'.

However, if anyone has stock and is shipping, let me know and I'll help put you in touch with Allen.

Thanks Brian, I have spent hours with Axis in the US, Sweden and Middle east trying to squeeze out 4 of these, they seem to be a perfect fit for this specific project. We will most likely use the P Series on the pilot vehicle and then retro with the F series upon release. That said, if you run into a few we will take them. Thanks

Allen- I emailed you anothe rmodle which may be of interest. The issue with the 5x mini-camera is having an Auto-Focus camera module meet the shock/vibration requiremnts of the mobile application.

Hi Bob, the little 5X autofocus HD camera from Ganz has the right options but needs to be ruggedized for mobile applications. Shared to provide performance/size example. Thanks