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Feedback On Sielox?

Customers or installers - what have your experiences been with this company and their products? I have formed some opinions of my own, but don't have any prior experience with them. Thanks!

Here is a post from back in O6. Around 2005 Sielox bought Checkpoint which had a small footprint in the Access Control industry (at least when compared to the Software House's of the world) and larger in the shoplifting and book theft detection bus (don't know what happened to the latter). I have not used them, so i cannot speak to their technology. They seem to be catering to the low or middle end of the market. There architecture seems pretty simple as well (at least from what i recall). These factors may be a good fit for an integrator looking for an access control manufacturers. Check them out and report back.

Evidently, Sielox spun out / had a management buyout at the end of 2010 for $2.55 million. If that's the case, it seems to be imply they are a fairly small company.

Undisclosed A Integrator, I have a good customer asking me about this product for doing something along the lines of automating lock down procedures. Do you have any of your own feedback to add a year later?

No, I passed on it. Sorry.

Ok thanks.

Anyone used this product before? Currently, an 8-door system is installed and I have been asked to add several more doors which requires an update to a 40-door system however, I have never heard of this company. I'm tempted to switch it out to something different. Thoughts?