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Looking For Box Cameras Which Works Up To 70 Degree Centigrade Temperature Without Housing

In Saudi Arabia Most of the requirements specified by Industrial Authority are 65 degree and I think this specification is not available for most of the manufacturers other than MOXA which is from Taiwan

Mohammed, yes, that's a tough one. In our Camera Finder, only a few dozen PTZs meet a 70 C specification. That noted, we do not include Moxa and there may be some other specialist high temp manufacturers out there. However, Moxa seems to be the manufacturer most often mentioned for super high temperatures.

Let's see if anyone else has any alternatives.

You specifically say 'no housing', but active cooling is hard to find integrated into cameras.

The Dotworkz S-Type Cooldome is an external housing, but is rated to 70°C. Not sure if this helps, but it may open up your box camera options to choose from.

These are both somewhat sketchy I admit, but it's slim pickings out there...

Here is an, ahem, optical x DSP Zoom one,



and then we have an, ahem, SDI one

Is the box requirement because of a need for a c/cs lens mount? If so the first one might not work. If not are bullets ok?

Thanks gentlemen. The regulation in this requirement specifies camera should be withstanding upto 70 degrees without housing and in this project it is needed with zoom lens .No P/T/Z but only zoom.

We see Dahuwa has these cameras