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Looking For An IP Camera With Built-In Loitering Analytic

Can anybody suggest an IP camera with a built-in loitering analytic that would be compatible with Exacq? If a person is detected loitering in an area, it needs to generate an alarm event and have the video pop up on the client display.

Here's Exacq's video analytics integration list. Of the 9, UDP and VideoIQ seem to have the highest probability of meeting this. As always, I am just concerned about the performance / accuracy / nuisance of any loitering analytic.

I saw that, but of all the ones listed, the only one I could find that supported loitering was VideoIQ, but when looking at the supported IP cameras page on the Exacq site, they only have partial support for the Rialto I4, only the video and not the analytic functions. They also do not show the VideoIQ ICVR-HD camera that has a loitering feature as a supported model. I am inquiring to see if they support Bosch IVA. Exacq is preferred, but I may have to use an alternate VMS for this function.

I'm pretty sure VIQ integrates to Exacq via RTSP for video, then you have to make a serial connection to integrate their alarms. This doc explains both.

Thanks Ethan, that is very helpful.

VideoIQ supports both "loitering", which means an object has been present in an area for a configurable amount of time (current I think 15 minutes) and "stopped", which is an object in an area and not moving.

All our products support the same basic suite of analytics/rules/behaviors (however you want to define that). All of them will also integrate with Exacq for live viewing and event notification. Exacw doesn't support accessing our storage directly the way some other platforms do.

The Exacq integration is actually pretty simple, which makes it very flexible in some ways, and slightly limited in others. Exacq has this concept of an HTTP-to-Serial connector, where they can basically load an HTTP URL and grep text coming through. Our devices have an HTTP message-bus style URL where event data is posted. This is in our API/SDK info, but for Rialto it is basically http://IP/PSIA/VIQ/System/session/permanent and for the iCVR-HD camera http://IP/notifications

If you load those URL's in Mozilla you can usually "watch" events coming across. I think it works in IE and Chrome also, but because it's an XML stream, some browsers will buffer a ton of text before actually displaying anything.

Anyway, in Exacw, you can "watch" those URLs and then set a rule to grep for certain keywords. This could be the rule name and/or the event type, etc.

Video popups and so forth would have to be handled by Exacw directly. I haven't played with Exacq very much, but I imagine they have some kind of a rules/scripting If...Then thing that can say "when this text is seen on this HTTP Serial interface DO this".

We have something like that wired with a sensor for when people cross/jump our perimeter fence and it pull up the audio as well as sounds an alarm. It's pretty reliable after the sensor was set up. The only thing now is that a lot of people like to take pictures by the fence and it keeps going off.

All UDP camera's support loitering when loaded with a suitable VCA licence. Works pretty straight forward. As always, camera projection is key.

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