Looking For An Inexpensive Video Door Phone Option

I have a customer that is looking for a Video door phone solution.

They currently have IP phones. They would like it that when the button is pressed it calls the phone but they also want an easy way to see who is at the door. They can put a cheap tablet up if that is what is needed. Any ideas? It has to be a bit rugged as it is not in the best neighborhood. A big plus would be if it supports codes that can be entered, but they are not willing to spend too much more for that.

Thank you

Most intercom manufacturers have CIP enabled devices now that integrate directly to a VOIP phone system. I would look at Commend, or 2N Helios I have had good luck with both.

In blunt terms, how much money can you spend?

If you want an heavily integratable product, it isn't a cheap thing. Maybe Aiphone or Viking, but an IP based solution is going to cost $1500+ for a basic IP kit. Even the Axis A8004 is $1000+.

Have you considered a video doorbell like Ring? Anyone with the app can access it given permissions, but there is no access/VoIP/commercial locks interface. Just basic video comm. The pro is it costs $200.

Grandstream GXV3611IR_HD. Can be setup as a SIP endpoint on a VOIP system. Triggering the input on the camera will autodial a stored number and setup a video or audio call. As an added bonus you can program it to activate a door release relay when DTMF codes are dialed.

We use Comelit and have been pretty happy with them. They're real basic line is pretty nice, door station to desk station. They also have an IP line that is pretty good.