Looking For A Wall Mountable 180 Degree/Panoramic Camera

Hi all,

Currently looking for a wall mountable 180 degree/panoramic camera. I’ve tested a UDP IPN2103HD-6611 which is wall mountable and has a great field of view, but I’m looking for something that is “outdoor” rated and with more megapixels, if possible.

After searching through the forum and using the Camera Finder tool, the Sentry360 FullSight 180 camera seems like a great candidate. As for the other choices, it's tough to seperate ceilling cams from those that are better suited for wall mounting though. Any other models you guys have experience with by chance?

Thanks in advance!

When you say "better suited for wall mounting", what do you mean? Viewing modes? Tilting mounts?

We have tested quite a few panoramic models and generally speaking you can use all of them wall mounted. It typically just switches the dewarping orientation and uses a single 180 panorama instead of a dual 360.

1, we tested this Vivotek Cube Panoramic (CC8130) that is designed to be wall mounted and has a small form factor. Worked well, low price. One option to consider.

Sorry, Ethan informs me I need to learn how to read. I missed that you wanted outdoor and more megapixels. This is indoor and 720p only.

Couple of options:

AxisM3027-PVE 5MP

Sony SNC -HM662 5MP

Dahua IPC- EBW81200 12MP

Panasonic WV_SFV481 9MP

One nice thing about wall mounting these fisheye cameras is you really don't need to dwarp the image as everything will be upright in the FOV.

Btw, one other thing to consider. Instead of 180, what about a ~130 degree camera?

Wall mounting a 180 wastes a lot of area, especially towards the sky. Plus, the wider FoV means shorter effective coverage area (i.e., PPF drops faster).

If you are willing to consider super wide angle, but non panoramic, here are 5 domes with ~130° lenses.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

Great question John; now that you mention it, I think a ~130 degree camera would work well too. My intended placement for this type of cam will be to mount it on a pole on either side of a vehicle as it passes through a service lane, breezeway, etc. similar to the example below:

We have been doing this for a while now using basic 3-9mm 2MP dome cameras with great success (one each on top, driver, and passenger side), but I feel it could be better. I was hoping to find a camera with a wider FoV, more MP, better low light quality, etc. to pick up more detail as a car passes through. Not sure if a fisheye is a step in the right direction, but figured I'd atleast try.

Something I hadn't thought about, that John pointed out, is that too wide a FoV means shorter effective coverage area; which is probably at least one of he reasons why the 5MP UDP still has an overall "fuzzy" image when attempting to use it in such a manner. I just recently got a Hikvision DS-2CD6362F-IV in hand as well, which isn't bad looking preliminarily speaking, but won't know for sure until I get it installed in a proper test environment.

Again, I apprecaite the suggestions and will continue to take a deeper look into each one.


We are getting lots of requests for vehicle documentation solutions. Is the for an auto dealer? Our requests are to document to whole vehicle plus the rims are extremly important on the cars/trucks.

Yes, that is correct.

We have been using 4K cameras for these setups.

Thanks Michael,

Yeah, that was going to be my next step if the fisheye/panoramic idea didn't work out. I have a 6MP Hikvision dome here and compared it to the 2MP domes we currently use. Since the image quality is only just a *little bit* sharper with the Hik, the cost difference between the two doesn't really make it a worthwhile replacement.

Which 4K cams have you had the best luck with? I've seen some reasonably priced Dahua 4K cams, but the sensor seems kinda small on those. I guess I could always give the Hikvision DS-2CD4585F-IZH a shot though.


We have been using Avigilon's 4K cameras for our deployments.

Interesting...I considered their Pro series cams for a similar project but $$$$!!! That and a good auto focus fisheye seemed to be another grand on top of that. I feared that the FoV when going with a typical 35mm lens wouldn't have worked so well when placed that close to a vehicle either.

What lenses have been working best for you?

We have used 11-16mm, 18-35mm and 24-70mm lenses for these setups. There are fisheye lense if you need them.

I considered their Pro series cams for a similar project but $$$$!!!

The price of the 8L-H4PRO-B has been recently cut in half. Now only $$.

Apparently IPVM still likes the old price :http://ipvm.com/camera/8l-h4pro-b

Disclaimer: I am a Distributor for Vivotek. Here is a Outdoor 180 wall mounted camera with True WDR. Thank you.





Thanks for the suggestion Monica! I will definitely research it further.

What VMS are you using?

Michael: VMS is Luxriot.

Anytime 1. It should fit your requirements for 180 view, outdoor, and SNV (Superior Night Vision).

However: there is no IR, so the scene needs to be decently lit.