Looking For A VMS For License Plates

Customer owns multiple apartment communities and is using Ubiquiti cameras. After our meeting yesterday, they are not moving from those cameras despite all the weaknesses (no varifocal, no variation of lens size, 2MP resolution, etc)

But they do want to capture license tags and create a white/black list. They eventually want a central database, so if a tag gets blacklisted at Property A, and it enters Property B at some later time, they want notification. They also want it so that only property B gets the notification.

They are currently looking at Milestone X Protect with a plug in. What concerns me is they have been talking to Milestone, and they said Milestone offered them great pricing on the software. Does Milestone deal direct with end users?

Any other VMS that will do what they want? These guys are IT guys and have written their own software to manage their properties. They said if the data goes into a sql server database, they can manipulate it from there.

They already have a server at each location.

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