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Looking For A Visitor Management System

We are looking for a Visitor management system that can:

  • track visitors across multiple sites
  • check against internal (customizable)" do not allow entry" list
  • offers online pre-registration
  • is capable of printing expirable paper badges
  • is capable of scanning driver's licences to pre-fill fields
  • has badge creation stations including cameras - preferred
  • has a consolidated DB across all installed locations

I have seen information on EasyLobby, and Jolly's Lobby Tracker and would like to know if anyone has any experience with these two or has any recommendations.

[IPVM Background: Visitor Management Systems Examined]

I've installed an Easy Lobby system. I didn't find anything Easy about it though. It seems like it was written a long time ago and never developed further. For what you pay it should be a lot more polished. With that said, I am pretty sure it can do everything you require. You will get charged generously for every extra station or add on you want. They know how to charge. I installed my first system when HID first took them over and getting support was almost impossible. I'm not sure if that has changed or not.

We recently installed the Honeywell's LobbyWorks. It is proprietary in that it only works with their access control equipment, but other than that one issue, it has all of that and works quite well once it is configured properly.

Several years ago, our company used Avery Platinum. They didn't want to use all the features, but I seem to remember it could do pretty much all that you are asking. Just throwing it out there; I wasn't involved enough to truly recommend it.

Avery Platinum is a versatile Visitor Management Software program and gives you the most flexibility in your security needs

Do you want/need to integrate with a particular access control system?

Integration with our access control system isn''t a big priority at this point.It may be in the future, and that capability would be nice.

Can you share which system that is?

We are currently using Continuum

Bumping to continue this conversation. I've had a hard time finding a list of visitor management systems, and I need one which does nearly all the requirements OP outlined. 



We chose Lobby Track. We implemented it over a year ago at one of our facilities and have had very few problems.  Since then we have added 2 additional sites, and at some point we will add even more.  Support is very good, and so far we are satisfied.  

Thank you very much for getting back to me, i'll take a look into Lobby track. 



I have used these guys on projects. They are able to provide custom development to customer needs. Great solution and ability to adapt as need. Integration into VMS and EAC as well.

Ask for Steve Bardocz (founder) tell I it came from me. 

(Disclosure: I do NOT get any pay, cuts, commission, fancy cars, golf outings or even FaceBook likes) 

Just a great product by a great company. 

You have some pretty basic requirements that are mostly generic, Visitor Management can be very basic or a complicated solution.  Some other things you may want to consider depending on the size of the organization looking for solution:

  • Exchange/Outlook Integration for managing invites
  • Mobile Solutions for both Hosts and Visitors
  • Kiosks for Self Enrollment/Check In
  • Access Control Integration to manage Temporary Employee/Vendor Badges
  • Contractor/Vendor Management
    • Manage Required Certifications/Trainings etc.
  • External Watchlists
  • Credential (DL/ID) Verification against Gov't Databases
  • Delivery/Package Tracking
  • Digital Signage Integration

HID- Easy Lobby

AlertEnterprise -  Visitor Express (Cloud) or Guardian Visitor (On Prem)

StopWare  - PassagePoint

Honeywell - LobbyWorks

Hello Systems - Lobbe Visitors