Looking For A UL Listed 24 AC (2 Amp) Power Supply/Ups, Class 2, Pole Mounted?

Does anyone have something you've used in the past? The Altronix ReServe4WP would be perfect if it were UL listed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You may want to call Altronix on this--Page 124 of their catalog shows these ReServ units are UL listed, even though their datasheets do not.

Thanks Mandrillapp...

Yes, I did contact them. The ReServ1, 2, and 3 series versions are UL listed, but do not have more than 1 amp available on any single output...and I need 2 amps (camera needs 24 VAC @ 40 Watts)

Depending on the version, the outputs are AC and DC, or just DC. The ReServ 4WP does have 2 24 VAC 4 amp outputs, but they have not submitted this model to UL (yet), and the 4 amps is more than class 2 allows (3.2 amps).

I have asked Altronix to come up with a UL listed, Class 2 version...they do understand there is a market for something like this...hoping to hear back in the next few days, keeping my fingers crossed.

Unfortunately, my project will need something sooner than they are likely to get it done (if at all), so I'm looking for alternatives.

Thanks for the thought...much appreciated. I did check with them too, unfortunately they don't make anything that is outdoor rated in an IP66 or NEMA3X enclosure. Keep the suggestions coming though!