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Looking For A Tiny IP Cam With 50mm Lens

I'm hoping you lads can help me out here.

I'm looking for a very small camera (think golfball size'ish), ip, which has a lens of 50mm of a CS mount.
We're looking for these for our Blast Furance to look inside to see if our coal is still being injected. So as you can imagine in regards in that it's a blast furnace, light sensitivity isn't really a subject here.

Any of you have some suggestions ?

Oh boy, a golf ball size camera :)

Not a lot of tiny cameras support CS mount lenses, usually they are M board mount lenses, which rarely support that long of a lens.

For a very small camera that does support CS mount lenses, look at Arecont's MegaVideo Compact series, like so:

Good suggestion, plus he can replace like 20 or 30 cameras with that one Arecont ;)

The Panasonic SF135 is smallish and you can get a 12mm lens. That's the smallest I can think with a higher focal length.

I would try to talk to someone from they make custom cameras of all crazy types for extremely harsh environments.

Not exactly golf ball size but the Point Grey Crickets are pretty small. Seen them at ISC west. But the 50mm lens should be longer than the golf ball alone.

Disclosure: I work for Point Grey.

While not strictly an IP camera, the Point Grey Blackfly is as close as you can get to a golf ball size camera (29x29x30mm).

If you can find a 50mm M12 lens, you can use a CS mount to M12 adaptor for a very small solution.

And what's the best way to encode / compression it for connecting to a VMS?

Blackfly is a GigEVision compliant machine vision camera. It produces raw data with no compression, so it is not ideal for direct connection to VMS systems. Some customers have used software such as NorPix to compress and store the video. Some VMS systems may also be able to access the video via the Direct Show driver that comes with the SDK. We provide a full API that allows you to process the images and we also provide a program for camera control and viewing of the video.

This one works too. I use it for training with 5-50 CS Tamron, double Night/Day settings profiles which is rare on the market (VVK IP8152)

Thank you all for the suggestions so far.

You've been giving me quite some food for thought here.
I especially like the M12 lens suggestion, cause as Sean already mentioned, the lens itself will already be quite big.

I'll keep this post updated on what I'm actually trying to build here.