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Looking For A Speaker/Microphone For Remote Video Monitoring.

I am looking for a Speaker/Microphone for remote video monitoring. It needs to be 12V DC powered and rated for outdoor use. Something similar to this product form Louroe but looking for a form factor that mounts to a pole.

pole strap device. You could just adapt with something like this if you like the Louroe device

Are you *sure* you want/need a microphone? For most outdoor monitoring applications it's audio talk-down only. Typically if a mic is involved it's for scenarios where you might want the central station to actually take info from an after-hours customer (such as a car dealership site). In those cases you're usually best off with an intercom-box style setup. Louroe makes some good units for that.

For the audio talk-down, my recommendation has been the Valcom 1036-M self-amplified marine horn. It's plastic, marine rated (so it'll handle most environments) and has a built-in 15W amplifier. The only catch is that it wants a -24VDC supply (yeah). So make sure you buy the recommended Valcom supply with the horn.

Thanks Brian. Client wants a Microphone but I am still going to look into the Valcom product.

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