Looking For A SIP Intercom That Has A Keypad That Can Be Used As An Access Control System

I am looking for a SIP intercom (preferably nicer looking) that has a keypad that can be used as an access control system (has a relay inside it). The only ones I can find with keypads are for dialing different numbers.


Paxton Net2Entry might work. Street cost is ~$1000. It is managed through Paxton's software.

For background on Paxton, see: Paxton Access Control Company Profile

I was going through the brochure, it appears it needs a paxton access controller for it to work, and it wont work by itself. Is that correct?


Yes, the kit comes with three parts, one of which is the 'control unit' which looks to be a regular Net2Plus controller.

Mobotix ip video door station t25

modular, can be configured with keypad, rfid, call buttons, fully sip compliant and can run in a standalone enviroment

We've done a lot of SIP / VoIP systems over the years. Our Goto items are from http://www.rathmicrotech.com/voinsy.html

They have single button, and keypads, and the onboard open/c relay is programmable to go closed when the answering party presses 8 on their keypad. The length is programmable 1 to 99 seconds.

They offer a Stainless Steel indoor , and several colors in an weatherproof Fiberglass model. The most unique thing is they are very serviceable with some off the shelf items. SIP ATU, Camera Analog Camera (optional) POE to 12V converter (Trendnet) and their own Dialer Board...

We have been using these for 3+ years after PANTEL ICS went belly up...

Mostly made in the USA except for the SIP/ATU and TRENDNET POE converter...

We have these running against CISCO Call Manager, and a few other SIP PBX's, all with no issues....

How about a Viking K-1700-IP? Looks to tick all your boxes (SIP, relay, keypad, etc).


2nd the mobotix or if looking for lower end then 2n

We have been using 2N intercoms for the past 3 years. Good product. They have a few different models which support this.

You can look at the Verso and the Vario Models. The buttons on the Vario are not great but you have a nice color display for user interaction. The Verso is the new generation with much better buttons but no display.

Both have a function for programming access/control via the keypad through the web interface.

See pics below (first one is the Vario, 2nd is the Verso):

Have used Cyber Data products with good success. They have a variety of options and are not proprietary. You would have to check but I think all of their units offer a relay that could be used for access control.

COMMEND has some nice options http://www.commendusa.com/en/intercom/systems/intercom-terminals-wallmount-stations-1732.html

In the past I've used a 2N Vario on a 200+ unit apartment. I second Nathan's opinion above on the keys, they work fine but don't have any tactile feedback which makes them a little weird to use. There is an optional daughtercard to read prox cards and you can also assign a unique PIN code to every resident. It does have a door release relay.

I'm waiting to see if the Intercom products from Hikvision and Dahua make it over to the US. Hikvision has released some nice looking product images and part numbers, but I haven't seen any kind of pricing or availability anywhere.

Hikvision IP Video Intercom System