Looking For A More Cost-Efective Alternative To Avigilon 16MP Camera

I demod an Avigilon 16MP camera to a customer that wants to use it to watch a construction zone. He liked it, but the price is too high. Is there a more cost-efective alternative?

He wants to be able to see the entire construction zone and zoom in after a nice amount.


Panasonic 4K / 12MP Camera Tested very well.

Sony 20MP / 4K Camera Tested can be considered but has more limitations.

Thank you, I just read the report on the Pansonic. The customer is a contractor, he want to record the job site in an overall view but be able to zoom in a descent amount after to see more details, would the panasonic be able to do that?

Zoom meaning digital? If so, yes, you can see some of the examples in the tests of digitally zooming into far distances for recorded video.

How big is the job site?

What focal length lens did you use with the Avigilon?

It is roughly a 200ft x 200ft area. I think I used the equivalent of 3mm

Meaning around a ~25mm EF style lens?

Using the IPVM camera calculator I believe I would use the actual mm of the lens.

It will only be half the price if he uses the Avigilon camera on his next job too!!!! Not to mention a 'write off'!!!

Do you only have one spot to mount cameras? Only one vantage point is needed? Does the system require live viewing, remote viewing, edge recording, VMS compatibility, etc?

My first recommendation is to use more, but lower resolution, cheaper cameras. You could simply mount multiples of the same camera, but at different focal lengths to give you the ability to choose the level of detail needed without breaking the bank with one high cost camera.

You could do (120) 1080p Hikvision cameras for a total of 240MP for the price of the Avigilon 16MP.

Just kidding - Happy Friday everyone!

In all seriousness, Jon's point of multiple cameras, maybe multiple 4MP or 5MP or 4K ones, might be a good alternative.

you kid, but its getting to that point.

You could simply mount multiples of the same camera, but at different focal lengths to give you the ability to choose the level of detail needed...

Watch out for a cease and desist letter from Dallamier... ;)

Seriously though, somebody should make an array out of 20 2.1 MP CVI/TVI cameras...

would anyone get upset if I posted a link to an Aliexpress link for one of these:


for $600 ?

note these have a new 1/1.7" sensor.

having said that, knowing how people hide from cam's, I'd be throwing two in from very different angles.

Michael, we'd like to test that one but I don't think we can get it in the US just yet. I generally try to avoid buying products from Aliexpress given the risk of it being counterfeit, second hand, damaged, no warranty, etc., etc.

A single camera view from a fixed location covering a 200x200' area is a tough call. This is especially true when the area is going to change daily with equipment and structures. You did not state the purpose of the camera (s).

Theft / damage prevention by contractors, workmans comp required, time-lapse coverage of the site, quality control.

After Hours theft prevention - exactly how does recording a theft prevent the theft?
Enabling some bright lights, alarms, etc.... or simply having forensic video...

Does a talk-down PA have value in this situation?

Many construction sites with high value equipment are required to have fencing, (chain rattle alerts) Even larger projects may have guards drive by on occasion..

If the client can't monetize the need/value of not having usable video coverage, you'll simply trying to find a low cost product to sell. And when it fails to provide unusable video, you'll be the blame.

And when it fails to provide unusable video, you'll be the blame.

Strictly speaking, wouldn't that make him the hero?

I don't understand, and the salesperson has created a predicament for themselves. They demonstrated a camera that apparently provided a good video image of the scene, the client balks at the price, and the salesman must have agreed, and is now looking for a lower cost alternative.

Thus, the salesperson has fallen into the trap of now becoming a free unpaid researcher for a PROSPECT for a poorly defined objective. When he shows a camera with reasonable good image quality at 1/2 the price, and given the nature of the job site, something happens and the image quality, regardless of it being exactly what the original demo may have had, the client will have reservations about the salesperson.

the salesperson has created a predicament for themselves.

Sure. But sales is a "predicament" to begin with. How to give the right information at the right time and in the right way to the prospect to reach a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties.

Sometimes the prospect may be the kind that always balks at the price at first, and wants to see what they would be giving up by going cheap. If you start with the half price model to begin with, then your really in a predicament when they balk.

Agreed that you don't want to be an unpaid researcher for a prospect, but if you have a high end solution for a prospect you should have at least a mid-range offering in mind as well.

Giving one price for a solution is 1 dimensional, but having an alternative that is cheaper BUT has significant and offsetting trade offs will often times be all the prospect needs to choose the higher priced one.

Knowing the requirements, the budget, and having the agreement on next step in the sales process eliminates the problem. This has nothing to do with offering a high, mid, or low end options.

Knowing the requirements, the budget, and having the agreement on next step in the sales process eliminates the problem.

What I hear you saying is that you should never be showing a camera that is more than the prospect says he will pay, yes?

My point is, and has nothing to do with Avigilon or any camera, is a basic selling premise to obtain a realistic budget, clear goals, and the next step in the selling process in advance of a demo. You're free to upsell to a higher quality solution once you have the buying agreement. Demonstrating that as a future upgrade option... But Starting out with no budget, no mutually understood objectives forces the seller into a "Climbing down the flag pole" scenario.

Not getting a budget is a red flag, and if you get a budget be sure to clarify if this is all-in. Install, training, maintenance, etc. When you buy a house you share a real budget with your real estate, and your simply trying to get them the absolute most for their money.

Upsell - Don't down sell.

You obviously have been successful in getting realistic budgets from prospects and walking away from the ones that don't. Kudos!

However, and IMO, your commentary is essentially saying "You shouldn't be in this situation." You make some very good arguments to support that; and I doubt anyone would deny that it would be better to have more clarity in this case and in general.

But it is what it is. Would you advise the OP to ask for a believable budget and walk without one?

This is off topic of the member's request and has gone on for a long time. Please stop or create a new discussion.

realistic budget

I don't believe in this approach, as 99% of the time when you give a budget someone whips up something that involves spending your entire budget rather than feeling around for what the options and level of spend in the industry are

it helps if you know the customer (do they work for a medium/large company, or some small shonkey business that there is a good chance your wasting your time showing them the good stuff), generally customers have the money, they just need to be assured of the value

your best selling bet (I think, works for me regularly), would have been to have your 16mp Avigilon, with some sort of clamp bracket, stick it up there, attach a nice screen, then show them what they are looking at usually blows them away how sharp it is :)

then you can start talking $$$$ or in Avigilons case $$,$$$ lol

The Avigilon 8MP Professional camera with a very good 35mm lens, with the largest aperture lens the client can afford, will give you the same video analytics, and the best possible image that rivals the 16MP at 1/3 the price.