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Looking For A HD IP Camera With Temp / Humidity Monitoring

Before I bang my head on the wall trying to find the Holy Grail, has anyone tackled this request from an end user yet? They want to monitor access to telco and network closets with an IP camera on an existing OnSSI platform and they want the camera to display Temp and Humidity in the stream. Any help or direction on products is appreciated as I cant seem to find on that fits the bill. Thanks!

Have a look ( no camera )

Temperature Module Part Numbers and Pricing | Remotely Monitor Temps

stand alone with web interface

Thanks Alex, we have used similar IP based monitors before and that is what I would like to use here as well but the client has requested we look for an option that will fit into OnSSI.

I think Mobotix have built in OSD with temp

Here's a solution for OnSSI, but not like you're used to thinking.

I have used a APC Netbotz sensor for this, and it worked fine.

The problem in integrating this with OnSSI is the sensor data is not overlaid with the video stream until it hits the APC GUI.

For just camera feeds, you can integrate it with RTSP, but you lose the sensor inputs.

I worked around this by creating a view in OnSSI that hits the URL of the device. Therefore, I could see all the details and the video in a view from within Ocularis.

That seems like a pretty good workaround and close to what we need.

Are we making this too hard? We could just point camera at the door and put a digital temp and humidy sensor with LED display next to the door. Old Skool!