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Looking For A Good Board Camera For ATM Machines: Analog Or Ip-Based


We are looking for an board camera. They are to be used inside ATM machines. Face recognition is the goal. I do think however that High Def is not necessary although it would be nice. i am hesitating between a good solid analog board camera integrated with lens and one of the very low cost IP small cameras flooding the internet / market. In many cases the performance of some of the samples is good. It is however hit or miss game so far in my (very limited) experience. So I would go for a poor man Watec (if you have any names please drop them) with a low-cost, reliable encoder . I am not dismissing IP if it has a good WDR and BLC. Lens on a 1/3" should be a 3 mm. Total cost should be around $100 whether it is analog with encoder or a pure IP board...

WAiting for recommendation from the collective.

Thanks John. I did look at these but WDR seems to be weak and it is most needed in outdoor ATMs where backlighting is almost the norm. Face recognition is an important design criterion

Would welcome recommendations on good analog board cameras.

You want good WDR in a board camera + encoding for < $100 USD? I don't know of any options. That's not easy.

Will drop the encoding part. My mistake, I meant to say that the Board and lens should be less than $100. We will use 4-channel encoders in this situation.

Will also appreciate encoders advices. We are currently using Axis, they are expensive. Any reliable alternatives?

A google shopping search shows a number of board cameras that are listed as WDR and under $100. However, I have no idea of the quality of cameras and if they are truly WDR.

Axis has the M7014, a 4 channel encoder that has an online price of ~$400. Is that too expensive?

The Avigilon 4 channel one has an MSRP of ~$350 and is commonly cited as a low cost model.

The Grandstream GXV3504 4 channel encoder has an online price of ~$150. It's ONVIF 1.x only and I have no idea of its quality.

Hikvision will intruduce a pinhole 1.3MP / WDR camera in October. Model is DS-2CD2D14WD and is 1/4" with 3.2mm lens. Depending on your volume, pricing may be close to your target.

It's $100 on AliExpress...

Bob, what type of WDR is it? Multi-exposure? Electronic?

John- It is multi-exposure which we rate to 100dB