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Looking For 2MP+ Camera, Cheaper Than Avigilon, That Can Work Great In Hallway Mode

Until now I have been using Avigilon cameras for hallway mode. What cheaper brand camera (2/3mp) can also be used in hallway mode, will be able to be mounted along the wall and aimed to see down the left/right and is Onvif profile S compatible?

Thank you

Here are 14 2MP or higher cameras that support hallway mode and ONVIF Profile S and are under $500. Most are Hikvision, including the least expensive of the group.

We see quite a lot of Avigilon dealers mix in Hikvision to hit lower price points.

Thank you. I have been using the hikvisions as well. One thing I had left out was that I believe I need a varifocal lens that is 7+. So that narrows it down a bit, but I see there are some there that fit those criteria.

It looks like the Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I is a perfect candidate. Is there a reason why it would be worth paying 2.5 times the price a Avigilon 2.0-H3-D2? The specs are basically the same.

Also its hard to tell with the picture but would the Hikvision be able to be put on the wall and angle to look down the hallway to the left/right, or would the lens not be able to be pushed down enough?

Thank you

Well, that's a question for your Avigilon sales rep ;)

Here is the IPVM comparison chart between that Hikvision and the 2 versions of that Avigilon.

The main spec advantages for the Avigilon are: an option for longer lens length (9-22m), autofocus, optical zoom, P iris, slightly larger imager.

I have had that conversation a few times with my Avigilon rep and I got the full sales pitch each time :-)

I guess I will have to see with the customer if they are willing to pay more for those capablites.

Thank you

We have used the 2532 Hikvision for corridor mode.

Three from Dahua: One Bullet, One Box and One Dome.

Is that like "one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer"?

I've used the 1080p Dahua minidomes in corridor mode quite frequently, you have to hack the little plastic bits off so the sensor unit can rotate 90 degrees, but it works well (although you are limited to 720p output). Was disappointed to find the newer 3MP models didn't have the option to rotate the image 90 degrees.

I've done it with the Axis P3384s we usually use, as well... but that's probably more expensive than the Avigilon.

By George, you're right! It does sound like similar.

As for the cameras, they sure lead you believe they would support it:

Are these ultra-smarties the ones you used?

No idea what their original Dahua part numbers are... never thought to look it up.