Looking For A 9 Inch Monitor That Can Be Powered Over Cat5e.

I have a customer that is trying to replace PLHR97W 9-Inch TFT LCD that was installed in his house. I am thinking about going with a better monitor that supports VGA, but the problem is finding one that is about the right size (9 inches) and that can get powered over a cat5 (as well as image, but that I would try a VGA over cat5 adapter).

Any suggestions?

Thank you

I'll have to dig back through my emails to find the model, but I have a couple of 10" LCD monitors on a site running video and 12V power over a single Cat5e, using baluns on one pair and power on the other three. Longest run is probably around 100'.

The monitors use a 12V adapter with standard barrel connector, so a basic power-and-video balun does the job nicely; the head end is plugged into a "VPS" unit that combines multi-channel baluns and power in a rack-mount unit.


Thank you. If you can find the screen model that would be great.

Found it! It's actually a 15" - Tatung TLM-1506T with TWM-158 wall mount bracket (allows flush mounting).

Their TLM-0801 might be along the lines you're looking for - 8", 800x600 SVGA, two BNC/CVBS inputs with loop-through, SVHS and VGA input, 12VDC powered.

Are you asking for a monitor that accepts analog video over cat 5 cable, and runs off PoE as well?

I doubt you will find a single device to do that, though as Matt indicates you can use baluns and splitters and the monitor get there.

In case you actually want true 802.3.af POE and IP video, there is one that might work.

Ill take a look at that website and try to find one. Thanks

Yeah, the ones I mentioned above (still looking for the info on them) are just running composite video from an analog camera. If you wanted to run VGA or HDMI you'd need at least two cables, one for signal and one for power, as both of those will use all available pairs.