Looking For A 5 MP Lens

Hi All,

I can't seem to find a lens with a focal length of >40 mm, that would fit a 5MP camera with a 1/1.8'' sensor, preferably varifocal.

I'd very much appreciate your help.

Thanks, Dorit

Unfortunately, I don't think you're going to find very much. This Fuji model is 12-50, so not particularly much longer than 40mm. I know of longer Computar and Tamron lenses, but they're rated up to 3MP, not 5. Maybe someone else has a better recommendation.

Thanks Ethan,

Yeah, I also found the 3MP lenses from most vendeors...

BTW, I see the Fuji lens size is 1/2''. I guess this may be an issue for me.

Thanks again!

Oh good point. Sorry about that, forgot it was 1/2".

Actually, backing up, does the lens need to be day/night? If not, there are likely machine vision lenses that will fit, but they are rarely IR corrected.

There's this one, from Fujinon. 50mm fixed, 5 MP, 2/3" image circle. Does not say whether IR corrected.

BTW, I see the Fuji lens size is 1/2''. I guess this may be an issue for me.

Dorit, Ethan's lens should work, no?

Yes, probably will. I'll give it a try for sure.

Thank you both and sry for the late reply - only now saw the thread evolved :)

Samsung has model number 6 Megapixel Day/Night Varifocal 1/1.8"

• Design for 6MP CS mount surveillance box camera
• Superior low light performance
• 4.1-9mm /F1.6
• IR Corrected
• DC Auto Iris

Spec sheet at: https://www.samsung-security.com/products/camera-lenses/megapixel-lenses/SLA-F-M419DN.aspx

Aaron, is there a longer version? Like > 40mm?

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