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Looking For 4:3 Monitor Atleast 21" Screen Width


I am looking for a monitor that is 4:3 aspect ratio and is 21-22" in screen width for surveillance to be mounted on a vesa compatible stand.

As the stand can accomodate 4 monitors so would like to utilize the most available space. Most I have seen are available in 18" 4:3 and the larger ones are widescreen.


We have had good luck with the following: (20")

and (22") in the menu, you select CV which changes the display from 16:9 to 4:3 filling to the edge of the screen on the monitor, which fulfills most needs for our customers.

I think that's discontinued. At least it doesn't appear on Samsung's CCTV website. The largest 4:3 monitors there are again 19".

According to Newegg, "This item is currently out of stock and it may or may not be restocked."

This Samsung is about the only thing I could find (214T - 21.3", 1600x1200)

Width or diagonal? We've been using ViewZ 19RTC monitors. At 19" diagonal, they are the the largest we've found in 4:3 since CRT monitors were basically discontinued and they provide better analog images than any CRT we've seen - even 21"-22". I don't think you'll find anything better in any screen size.