Looking At 77 New Product Best In Show Entrants

UPDATE: $100 to the first person who guesses correcty who will win 'best in show'. Details inside.

The 2013 applicants for the New Product Showcase have been revealed. There's ~76 products listed (though a few manufacturers may have requested their products not be disclosed).

Interestingly, access and intrusion products, by volume, dominate the list. There's only ~20 video surveillance products. Good news though is ISC is giving at least 9 awards to them :)

Most of the bigger stuff we have already covered. Take a look at the list and let us know what you want us to review or provide feedback on.

There is one product sure to get the Matt Ion / Todd Rockoff BFF award. Can you find it?

Interesting. Only 2 products are HD-SDI. With the "hundreds of thousands" of cameras that ship each year per Todd, these two companies are going to corner the market

>There is one product sure to get the Matt Ion / Todd Rockoff BFF award. Can you find it?

Hahahahah wow. I've heard a lot of talk of "tri-brids" for the last three years or so, this is the first time I've actually seen someone offer one (not that I've actually spent much any time perusing HDcctv products).

I predict the P-Touch for product of the year.

If you can guess the winner of 'Best in Show', we'll pay you $100 via paypal . Rules - must post on this thread, with your real name, one guess per person with a short explanation why, only the first person guessing gets the $100.

Review the list and let us know.

Lynx Touch 5100

Because the industry appears convinced that security integrators can compete with the home automation providers at their own game, plus the device came out 2 months after last years show so it couldn't win for 2012.

I'm going with the Vigilus Surveillance Robot because robots are cool

Honestly, I too wanted to choose the Surveillance Robot - and for the same reason you mention; robots are cool.

I just didn't think it would actually win :)

It may not win... But that's because it's just a surveillance robot and probably can't dance to a crunchy tune like Beck's "Hell Yes!"

March Networks Guru. Its from an established company, but is an APP! YEAH!!

The Axis P 12 series camera, because Axis is the only corporate sponsor of ISC West this year.

As an FYI, last year's "best in show" was the MorphoAccess dual biometric reader and the year before that was FST21's all-in-one biometric/analytic system. In 2010, it was Sarnoff's Iris on the Move.

That should give you a sense of what the 'judges' prefer.

Sarnoff IOM pass through is my choice, because of the improvement in ACS edge features

IOM PassThru is the correct name

Massimiliano, that's one of my guesses, the only thing that holds me back is that Sarnoff won it a few years ago for basically the same market.

Nate, I think the robot has a legit chance of winning. I don't think the company is good at presenting but it's very ambitious and different, which seems to be the judge's main criteria.

Undisclosed, LOL!

I'll have a stab at it... MiY Touch. Because it's first on the list and I lost interest after reading the first ten.

NUUO NVRsolo - because it attempts a combination of two things no open system IP CCTV system has yet to successfully achieve:

1. One-click connection of third party IP cameras (However I am VERY skeptical that it will work more than a few big brands - but its is very nice of them to have the guts to try this - would be very interested to know just exactly how they have managed to assign IP address to cameras sitting in different IP ranges/subnets or multiple cameras with the same default factory IP address)

2. FREE cloud based ezNUUO remote viewing without router configuration (It is unclear whether this is a true cloud relay system like Splashtop's Anyware Access Pack - but I cannot imagine how they would do it otherwise because it specifically touts the ability to pass firewalls and avoid router configuration). I find this very interesting because IP video is bandwidth intensive and bandwidth costs money - how can NUUO manage to pay for this bandwidth FOREVER if large numbers of NVRsolo customers choice to use this when the street price of the NVRsolo is under $800?

Bohan, I do not think NVRSolo has a shot at 'best in show', simply because this contest almost always rewards science fiction style products and what NUUO offering is too down to Earth. I am not saying it's bad, just that it doesn't fit the historical pattern.

A number of companies are already offering free remote viewing without router configuration. Typically what is done is a central cloud server facilitates a connection between the recorder and the remote viewer but the video is streamed directly from the recorder to the remote viewer without going through their cloud service. Compare to March Network's Cloud Service.

The VideoIQ Rialto R-Series should win. Adding VideoIQs analytics to most any camera without installing servers or flashing the camera. I already like the VideoIQ HD-iCRVs. This should be a great product.

Cody, there is an award category for Video Analytics. Considering there are only two entries (VideoIQ and Briefcam), it's got at least 50% for that one!

Perfect! I'll play for the other 50% with BriefCam, Inc., VS Enterprise V2.4

I think it's a useful tool. But I'm realistic that it isn't that new or impressive...

I don't know about the VideoIQ prouct and I'm curious to hear about how good is that Teach By Example function. I like time saver solutions, like Briefcam's Video Synopsis.

My vote doesn't count, but the smart money is on the Mul-T-Lock WatchLock. Here's why:

1. Every single voting judge at least understands what a padlock does. Some of those other products are iffy in the minds of the voting panel, mark it down.

2. RMR. RMR is king, don't you know? High marks for RMR, always!

3. The manufacturer's promotional literature uses the term 'geofence'. Holy crap, that sounds awesome.

4. Like farmers, everyone has a sentimental attachment to locksmiths. You know, those dirty, crotchety gremlins that ride around in old dented conversion vans with a bunch of random keys swinging on peghooks in the back. We love those guys! By golly, they deserve some new product awards, too!

5. The parent company is a BIG name on the showfloor, with a BIG show budget with BIG rent and BIG economic impact.

Hear me now, believe me later.

Yeah, you're not getting the $100 Brian!

And if a padlock wins, I am going to eat the ISC West show guide at the tech meetup. That being said, I am a little nervous that you may be right :)

Maybe if the padlock included a 3G module and tamper detection and could signal a monitoring station when someone tries to pick it... plus a micro-camera inside the barrel to snap a face shot of whoever is monkeying with it... uploading the pictures to a cloud service, natch. Bonus points if they make it work with HDcctv-over-3G.

Does it count as a quad-brid if they support 960H? Quint-brid if they add HDBaseT?

Here's a video on Brian's beloved padlock. What's weird is that the video is from 2010, so is this a new product or?

Don't forget SLOC...

Padlock > SLOC

Brian, I was just expanding on Ethan's xxxx-brid recorder :) I would certainly never suggest anything as menial as SLOC would outshine a padlock ;)

I choose the HBOX because it is a COTS (Commercial of the shelf) product version of the 2010 Sarnoff Iris on the Move. In a previous life I worked on two joint projects with HBOX and Brijot whole body imaging product where this was deployed and it worked great. At a Border Crossings demonstration in Mexico we were able to screen close 50 people per minute for IRIS identification and concealed items.

I think something was added to the list since yesterday, because it looks like some products are in different spots than I remember them being.

The ISD Windows camera was added. Who wants to pick it for the winner? :)

My vote goes to DRS Technologies as the first affordable Thermal camera, integratable via Onvif.

Harold, I believe the DRS entry is their VGA version (6000 series), an incremental upgrade to their existing 3000 series which we tested recently.

Yes John, I read your review on the 3000 and believe DRS has an interesting approach to the thermal market, plus they are not newbees in this technology, the company (group) has been around for 50+ years

Speaking of being around for years (or not)....

Here's SIA's New Product Showcase from 15 years ago (1998)

I am not saying DRS is a newbie or that it's bad, I am just saying for purposes of 'best in show', since this is an incremental advance over their existing product, it is not likely to win that award.

Ahhh, 15 years ago, fond memories.

You mean I´m not getting the 100 bucks ?, Aw, man, this was my Las Vegas bet. LOL :)

Marty, the track record of ISC West 'Best in Show' awards is pretty grim. Covi (the failed HD over coax offering), Object Video (now best in patent lawsuits) and iPix (the failed panoramic company).

If anything, as a manufacturer, you don't want to win best in show!

I think that list from 98 represents many of Honeywell's projected new product releases in 2014-2016.

Brian, and then you wonder why the Honeywell party invitations get lost in the mail...

Anyone want a Covi cam ?, I´ve got one !

It would actually be amusing to do an ISC West Best in Show Where Are They Now? Sort of like child stars or former pro athletes.

I thought I may have had an inside track at the selection process and maybe even a hint at the award winner when I received my exclusive email invitation to (drumroll), the ISC West Executive's Club Cocktail Reception. Imagine rubbing elbows with the elites of the industry.

But all for naught, as my invitation was immediately followed with:

"A few minutes ago you may have received an email inviting you to the ISC Executive’s Club Cocktail Hours. Please disregard. The ISC Executive’s Club functions are private events for Executive’s Club Members only. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope to see you at ISC West April 10-12, Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV."


Mary Beth Shaughnessy
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So, I'll have to go with Brian and the padlock. What do I know?

I cast my vote for the DRS low cost IP thermal camera series for a couple reasons: 1. Thermals are great but have been too expensive 2. thermals can make analytics work (sometimes) 3. They should cause FLIR some pain 4. might be a game changer for outdoor and perimeter systems 5. No one has voted for it yet, so I stand a chance of winning!

My second choice would be the Raytec IP iluminator because it has an IP address and light bulbs. Ok, LEDs, but show press might favor it because it's an IP product with a story. I wonder if Cisco will buy them since it would use another switch port to power it!

Does that padlock have an IP address? I didn't think so! But if it did, clearly covers all bases!

Oh damn. didn't see that Harold already voted for DRS!

Guess I have to go with my cynical second choice now.

I guess we should have called it the Tri-bot Bio-box recorder thing .... If we wanted to win. But of course we don't ... Not now ... After knowing what happens to winners. LOL

Nothing really jumps out at me in this list. But in the spirit of winning $100 I will go with the surveillance robot just because its cool.!

I am going with the ISD Camera. Who doesn't like Microsoft?

Who doesn't like Microsoft?

That's funny! Evidently, most IPVM commenters. That said, I could see it happening, especially since there's little shocking newly in the lineup (except for the robot :)

Wow, here's the 2005 and 2006 'Best in Show' Award Winners:

  • A4Vision - face recognition access control, sold for pennies on the dollar after raising tens of millions
  • Capture Omniscape - a website still exists for this early 360 camera but this product never went anywhere

Yes, these awards clearly don't carry the weight of a F&S trophy :)

My vote is for the Nuoptic "True Hybrid Varifocal Illumination System". It is a unique product. (I don't think anyone else has voted for it so I am in for the $100.00)

I'm voting for the Bosch Starlight 720p Flexidome. Looks good.

I like the idea of the hybrid illuminator...... Is it intended as a deterrent after an analytic determines a threat?

Yes, or any other Alarm event.

I Vote for the Following :

1. assa abloy medico m-100 # 11059

2. axtron ir / white lite illuminator # 23097

3. mircom tx prestage touch # 2101

4. sk 5820xl evs # 10033

5. sys sen I/4 # 10037

6. dmp 7800 w/ 32 part , 16 kp panel # 23023

7. Mircom tx3 prestiege

8. code blue corp MNS # 2102

9. h box sss inc. 10115

They All Have Merits and in thier own catagory should get a award for inovation .

Why do Locksmiths all drive conversion vans anyway?

Bosch Security Systems Inc
Video Security App

The Windows camera and Rob Ansell win!

Even if you like that the camera runs on Windows, still a weird thing that it can win best product overall, even with this award's dubious history. On the other hand, given how weak the options are, it's hard to argue for any candidate definitively.

So who won the $100.00?

"The Windows camera and Rob Ansell win!"

My choice : 


Digital Doorman

Booth # 5065


new innovative , sleek , stylish