Longse Giving Away NVRs

In the latest round of the race to the bottom, Longse, one of the most relentless Chinese spam manufacturers, has upped the ante.

Are $19 IP cameras too expensive for you? Well, Longse is now throwing in the NVR when you buy their IP cameras.

I suppose this is a logical outcome of the vicious cycle of price cuts but I still fail to see how this is healthy for Longse or the industry.

I hear that Dahua is doing a promotion in February where they will pay you to take their cameras and NVR's.

Lol, and Hikvision will throw in free monitoring...

They are sneaky- no details other than free NVR... in my mind, theyre just giving out the NVR software like every other manufacturer does with their cameras. Nothing new.

The email I received mentioned the 25 channel LS-3525A NVR and the 9 channel LS-2009PD. Not an expert in the Longse line but these do appear to be actual appliances (though I assume sans hard drive as Longse generally does).

Have always been disappointed when I have responded to a promotion like this. Maybe the first batch works but the reorder leaves something to be desired, price or quality wise.

As a value added integrator, if you support this type of price driven equipment, be prepared to throw some labor and replacement equipment to protect your service reputation.

So Acesee is running the same special:

Funny thing, though, both outfits list the same street address, so seems to be the same company.

Buy POE splitter cable, get IP varifocal camera free.

No need to even ask; 0-click ordering automatically.

Longse has many sub companies, Acesee being one of them. I used to have the list of all of them. Im not sure if Longse is the main parent company or not but I do know they all belong together ran by one guy/company head/ceo/or whatever they call em.

May be a good story to write about someday.

Cantonk, Wodsee to name a couple more.

Longse, Woodsee, Cantonk, Acesee ... are the same company or at least have the same owner.

Do not under estimate Longse. They produce more than 100,000 cameras per month (AHD, CVI,TVI ... and some IP). They produce some cameras for Dahua. Furthermore they produce Longse DVRs under Dahua license ... Today they sell mostly to Middle East, South America and Asia countries. Maybe they will go bankrupt ... Maybe they will become number 4 or 5 in the market !

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It looks like a LTS dvr?

Next month they'll install it for you too.