Long Range iCLASS Reader - 36 Inches

I have researched my fingers to the bone. Anyone know of an iClassSE compatible reader with a 36" read range. HID's max is 18-20". Wiegand output. I would be grateful.

The customer wants the gooseneck to go away is the reason.

Is it for vehicles? Can you add an active booster?

Keep the reader, make the card more powerful.

EDIT: It appears that NEDAP booster works only with Transit readers, but it still may work for you as it supports Wiegand out.

Thanks Brian, I talked with NEDAP this morning. Their transit reader is a good product and just as you described. The customer is going to have to decide how much this inconvenience is worth to them. The SE part of iClass SE has reduced the read range considerably.

I have used the largest IClass SE reader and it doesn't get more than 18" in the most ideal conditions. It is enormous and you would think it would get further. They make a UHF reader that will get upwards of 30' I believe. Just get them a different tag for their vehicle.