Long Pendant Mounts For Warehouse

I have a facility that is prone to frequent changes in need of some pendant mount cameras. The ceilings are about 35' high and I need to come down about 20' to achieve usable views. Can I utilize rigid conduit to drop these down far enough without possibly causing issues with vibration, stability, etc? I am utilizing Axis cameras. While their telescoping poles are great I need to reach down a bit further than their poles allow.

Many cameras have a shroud or fitting that threads to a 1.5"NPT end. A 15' pendant mount is going to be long and heavy, and sway/vibration could be an issue (not to mention anchoring them to joists), but it can be done and isn't terribly uncommon.

Do you have a model number to share? There might be a housing ready-made for this application.

Two Models

  1. Axis P5515-E
  2. Axis P3376-V

You don't really have to use rigid pipe. You will be perfectly happy with regular 3/4" EMT. I regularly hang Cams using a full 10'x3/4" EMT. Never had a problem with sway or vibration. I use the Garvin fixture hanger mounted to a 4x4 J-box. This allows for sway if something were to smack into the camera.

I use 3/4" compression connectors but if you feel more comfortable then you can use threaded 3/4" aluminum EMT. Use a threaded coupler to extend to 15'.

The PTZ might be a bit heavier So I would definitely suggest using the threaded pipe.

But stay away from the rigid. It weighs a ton and you don't want that weight bringing it down.