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Can I Own Lock Pick Tools?

I know this is IPVM not a locksmith website but I was wondering if anyone knew what the law is about having lock pick tools with you in the state of Washington?

I should of googled this before hand...

The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers :: State Laws

my mistake for being lazy.

You can have them until you use them in a crime. Then it is illegal. (See source code):

RCW 9A.52.060: Making or having burglar tools.

(1) Every person who shall make or mend or cause to be made or mended, or have in his or her possession, any engine, machine, tool, false key, pick lock, bit, nippers, or implement adapted, designed, or commonly used for the commission of burglary under circumstances evincing an intent to use or employ, or allow the same to be used or employed in the commission of a burglary, or knowing that the same is intended to be so used, shall be guilty of making or having burglar tools.

(2) Making or having burglar tools is a gross misdemeanor.

[2011 c 336 § 371; 1975 1st ex.s. c 260 § 9A.52.060.]

Most US States have a similar law. Legal to own and use lawfully (sometimes a license is required), but illegal when committing crimes.

Most US States have a similar law.

Check on your local listing, since Missisippi, Nevada, Ohio and Virgina will put you in the klink (poky), just for merest posessession of them.

Depends on what your doing, where you are at , and why your in that area with the pic set.

What is the intent, why is it needed, who are you that you should need one.

yes you can .

you can goto web sites and order them

Which state your in , thats a big one.

which site you intend to enter into , could be misconstrued as intent to do harm( illwill )

some areas dont allow you on grounds with any of this type of hardware or its a crime ( willfull intent ) even in vehicle unless ( reasonable need to have (locksmith,towtruck driver)

no military site or DHS, Doj sites

This discusions seems to follow along the same lines of thought as knife laws in Canada (specifically in Ontario where I live).

It is not illegal to carry a knife unless you intend to use it as a weapon. Many knives are tools (folding knives, box cutters, steak knives etc.) and they are often concealed (in your tool pouch, Folding knife in your pocket, paring knifes in a cooler bag, etc.) They only become weapons when intent to use as a weapon is proven. ie. Stabbing or threatening someone.

It is even more difficult to prove intent you you carry a folding knife in your pocket or have a smaller pen knife on your keychain. Generally a knife is deemed a weapon when it is used as a weapon or your reason for carrying is suspect. ie. carrying Bowie Knife to a bar might raise some eyebrows in Toronto but less so in the Northern reaches.

Always sees to be about intent.