Listen Feature?

Is there a "Listen" feature on IPVM discussion threads? I often read threads with interested discussion, but I don't really have anything to add at the moment. I'd love to get email updates when someone posts a comment.

Hey Hal, there is a "Subscribe" link at the top of every discussion. You should get replies to any subscribed topic, not just ones you've commented in.

Very cool, thanks.

That User's Comments link looks handy as well... :)

That's not for you, A....

Any chance of unmasking that "Read" counter?

I really wanted to check on the Read Ratio between Avigilon's and Arecont's respective Engineering VP resignations. I'm betting on Avigilon 3:1.

No and I am busy right not but from recollection the Arecont thing did well too last year as people care about Arecont (mostly negative but they still care to hear what is happening there).