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Access Control Systems Who Embed Software In The Panel?

What are the access control systems that have the control software or at least all the data needed embedded in the panel - essentially that does not need to have some PC running somewhere holding the database?

Hello Undisclosed:

I'll add to this later, but here are the platforms that immediately come to mind:

  • Schlage (err Vanderbilt Industries) Bright Blue
  • HID Edge
  • Brivo
  • Red Cloud
  • Infinias

I'm sure there are many others, this is the '10 second' response. Let's see what else comes up.


The main two I'm familiar with are S2 and Honeywell's NetAXS line.

wow ...I choked on a layup!


  • NLSS
  • AMT
  • eMerge

I am not sure if I'd include NLSS. They don't have any panels. They have an appliance that bundles VMS and Access Control software. It still needs to connect to IP readers and/or panels, right?

That throws out Red Cloud then.

I see no difference between an appliance that sits on a shelf or a panel that goes into a can. As long as no additional PC or server is required, I think it satisfies the request?

The difference to me is that there's nothing stuck in a rack somewhere. The panel is the entire system. RedCloud still requires controllers elsewhere. An NX4 or S2 panel just requires the controller. It seems silly but there were a lot of projects where this logistical difference was key.

Disclaimer: we distribute ICT products

ICT has their new IP controller with a web interface called Protégé WX, small demo video. Full access control and alarm integration without any software.

No external server or software (or external service ($) either) needed, the programming and control is on-board of the master controller.

All is accessible via the web interface (32 access doors per controller, 10000 cards/codes, 32 alarm areas, 512 alarm zones, 512 programmable outputs, elevator control, interlock, more..)

Intro information

Undisclosed needs to give feedback then - Does the server software have to be in the panel or can it be on a pre-loaded non Windows appliance?

Yes, thanks to all for the suggestions so far. After some cursory looks, eMerge and Red Cloud are two examples of what I was aiming for. Web browser based, system embedded in the panel, solid state with no moving parts, none Windows or expectations of going into and managing the underlying operating system.

NLSS would not fit in my wishes since it's much more engineered like a PC.

Thanks again for the suggestions so far.

I dont know if it helps but in Europe at least Bosch and GE/UTC have such panels. Bosch has something called AMC and UTC something called TruPortal. It is essentially a linux computer running a Web server.

Another system may be AMAG. It has panels designed to work with a server however this is for changes made to the system and or to see via a client or webserve current activity. The actual panels once installed and all programming changes complete the panels can run independent of the server.

Thanks everyone so far for the input and details.

The Honeywell NetAXS line is simple to setup and use. In addition you can migrate to a server based solution later without having to change panels out.

It only goes to 16 doors and they must be on the same 485 loop.

The NetAXS line actually goes up to 124 doors (up to 30 panels) according to their specs. They do have to be RS-485 connected, though.