Lily, The First Throw And Go Flying Camera...

Check out this strange hybrid dual camera/dvr/drone called Lily, which is launched just by throwing, and tracks your movements as it records.

Lily is waterproof, made with polycarbonate, in black, with brushed aluminium. You can take it one meter underwater and it will perform as expected but they said they did not recommend you to "spin the motors underwater. Lily is not a submarine." Its weight is 2.8 pounds (1.3 kg). There is a built-in Lithium-Ion battery. They had to strip away the ability to remove the battery pack to make the camera waterproof. You get 20 minutes of flight time. Expect two hours of charge time.

Resolution is 1080/60p. Early bird price $499.

Though security is not mentioned, it's not hard to imagine a couple possibilities, like escorting thru dangerous areas. Or after responding to an incident, LE could launch one to supplement body-worns. Maybe with a software tweak or two Lily could be made to bird-dog a suspect by honing in on their cell phone.

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