Life After Cisco Small Business Switches

For our IP camera installations, we have used the Cisco Small Business line exclusively for years. Once they updated to the newer versions where every port is a gigabit port, the prices skyrocketed. We were still using the SF300-24PP for all of our installs until it just became too hard to find anywhere to purchase them as they are EOL. I've looked at some of the past IPVM posts but I'd like to see what the community is using/recommending I look into. Here's what we need from our switches-

- Needs to have a web interface to turn POE off/on for reboots

- Must be something that we can sell and actually make money on (we looked at Ubiquiti and it appeared there is a minuscule margin).

- We don't really utilize any layer 3 components like QoS, DHCP, etc.

- We have also used Etherwan/Luxul before, but both the Cisco switches we were using were a much better price and it felt like a better switch

- We don't really need cameras to have gigabit ports, but it is nice to have a recorder on a gigabit port.

- We are looking at something like the SF250-24P in the new Cisco Small Business line, has anyone use any of the smart switches that aren't fully a managed switch? Was the interface experience good?

I'm curious to see your feedback. Thanks in advance!

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